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Posted by jssfreak1114 at Aug 6, 2005 12:14:50 PM
Yesterday's Blockade [Viridian] (pictures)
Unless you're reading it NOW 11:00 EST PM time, then it's today's blockade,

But here are a few pics I took of it...

Here is the ending which are few pieces I took and pasted togeter

The next few pictures are during the blockade when I was slacking... Yah so what, we were winning... and I was doing a HORRIBLE job at my sailing station....

Look carefully there is something you don't see everyday in this game

Here are the crews who were in this, and look at them ships! They be big... but I've seen bigger...

I hope you enjoy these, I know I wish I had more, but I took these at last 5 mins of Round 4... because I just thought of it now...

Stupid stupid stupid


Before and after Pictures of Terra Island will be coming soon IF I remember.
adelmo urr like the all nowing pirate guru

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