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Posted by Thusnelda at Aug 2, 2005 10:12:09 AM
The post you've all been waiting for: CUSTOM HATS FOR SALE!
Remember the grand old days when you first saw this:

and thought, "Take off, eh! I sure wish I had a tocque like that!"


The time has come to earn a little extra dough. That's right, folks-- as discussed in her OTHER recent crafty thread, your pal Madam is going to Canada next week, and there ain't enough Tim Hortons Iced Cappucinos above the 49th parallel to fuel all the shopping she'd like to do.

I figure I should make my addictive habits pay for once, so I'm offering my services in a special one-time deal (which may be extended if supply and demand match well). Whether you pay now or pay later, every hat brings me closer to a hale and hearty line of credit!

--Price: starting around $25 per hat. Baby/child hats will be negotiable. I should be able to take PayPal.
--Shipping: discussed on an individual basis for those of you outside the States.
--Designs: ah, yes. Here's the fun part. You and I can work together (within reason) to come up with a nifty design. I reserve the right to set the final method and look, but you set the stage. Pixellated designs work well. (Note: I will not make exact replicas of the Space Invaders hat, but I'm open to modifications.) I'm up for patterned or plain designs, piratey or not, sweet or wicked.

And yes, I do knit stripey caps.

First come, first served. Excellent holiday or "just because" gifts for the stylish ones you love. Step right up!
Madam, proud Looterata
Why are old people playing on this game i dont know its probly something to do with control but its kind of werd. Get a life or a girl friend or mabe even a wife but if your an adult that plays this game your a loser

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