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Posted by BobTheVirus at Jul 27, 2005 9:33:43 AM
A poem about greenies
Greenie greenie you annoy me so
greenie greenie in puzzle pirates in does not snow!
please go away, you annoy everyone
please go away! With you I cant have fun!

Greenie Greenie! you have changed to light green!
I suppose you have matured a little so it seems!
But still you will never get to yellow like me!
with that light greenie, I am off to the sea!

Greenie Greenie! Your colors changed again!
Why it seems like yesterday you tried to fight a hen!
Now you can go up to greenies and smack em.
Heck mabey one day you might become a capn...

Greenie greenie! your colors
Greenie Greenie, I never meant to make fun of you...
Please dont dissconect me I'm sorry as you see.
Greenie Greenie now you can make fun of me...

Posted by mmgrcool at Jul 27, 2005 11:10:20 AM
Re: A poem about greenies
lol that is a great poem i loved the last stanza!
Hypnos wrote: 
Dude. I don't care if she's cute. Girls have cooties.

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