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Posted by DFDB at Mar 22, 2019 7:55:52 PM
Fourteen Reasons To Be Thankful Brought To You By Pandemonium

Where: Kirin, Jorvik, Delta, Papaya, Lagnaippe, Turtle and Beta

Why: Why not!

When: Tomorrow

Pay: Starting at free hugs and escalating quickly.

*Additional familiar prizes will be awarded throughout. All donated by those that think this is the funnest thing for a while. Its like their birthdays came early.*

Teclis - Cobalt, Cerulean and Obsidian

Can be found drinking or getting rid of the crabs most nights...

Posted by redtears at Mar 24, 2019 8:13:11 AM
Re: Fourteen Reasons To Be Thankful Brought To You By Pandemonium
And what fun we had!!

Hope our little injection of pandemonium woke the ocean up a bit :D

It was a pleasure and an absolute joy to see so many online!, Hope you all remember how amazing the sub oceans are and hope to see you playing on there again soon!!

Much Love

MissRedTears x
Ladyredtears born on Midnight shores, she fell from grace and fled to new horizons, becoming Missredtears. Then one stormy solo pillage she vanished, many years passed until the stars aligned in such a way and *BOOM* she returned!

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