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Posted by Zenithar at Oct 22, 2018 3:29:50 AM
General request(s) Re: Labor Badges.
Not sure where else to put this - I'm enjoying running shops but managing labor is a whole bunch of frustration.

This isn't a major request, but more just saying "If you offer this, I'd buy it."

Can we get the option to buy the permanent badges unbundled from the DLC? I got it exactly once out of goodwill towards the game but it's honestly terrible value. I'd like to get more of both of the permanent badges for various reasons but it's absolutely not worth it at present.

I'd slap down the cost of a year worth of labor badge in cash or purchased doubloons (60 for basic, 180 for deluxe, 120 to upgrade) if it meant I never had to renew the things again.

I'd also probably be more of a customer if I could stack more than one on the same character versus having to manage a bunch of alts to actually run shops. It'd ALSO help correct the curve issue with crafting puzzles - but it'd require deeper code changes.

Posted by Filthyjake at Oct 22, 2018 5:22:25 AM
Re: General request(s) Re: Labor Badges.
A simple fix would be if you you hold a wrapped badge as it expires the badge is unwrapped.

That said there are many many greater issues that I would hope top the list such as pillage-Spawn/pay out repair.

If one has so many labor alts that its to much work to monitor them maybe they have to many xD
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Posted by Grinfish at Oct 22, 2018 10:16:19 AM
Re: General request(s) Re: Labor Badges.
A simple fix would be if you you hold a wrapped badge as it expires the badge is unwrapped.


Perhaps implement a toggle function so you can enable it to happen, or not if for some insane reason you don't want continued labour.

It truly irks me that I lose half a day of labour allocation (which is quite a significant amount with deluxe badges) because my RL schedule doesn't allow me to log in and unwrap a new badge on Day X at Time Y (Full time job, not US-based).

Another option would be to have the badge go dysfunctional at a comparable time of day to when you activated it, rather than (I assume) midnight Pirate Time. That way at least there's a chance that if you have a regular gametime presence, you could be online to renew/unwrap at the appropriate point.
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