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Posted by mitsu999 at Oct 21, 2018 8:42:24 AM
Grumbles Giveaway PVP Event: Sink the Mihawk
This event is a sloop vs sloop PVP event called "Sink the Mihawk", because Mihawk will be at the helm. We'll be doing this event from Oct 21 thru Oct 23, 2018.

Within an hour of setting sail, we'll announce that Mihawk is preparing to set sail from one of the factions. That announcement will also indicate the port from which he intends to set sail. We will set sail when we have a full ship of reasonably competent jobbers(we may announce the need for jobbers in global chat).

Then Mihawk will set sail on the ship Seldom Spotted Hawkfish. Sometime later, we'll announce in global chat where we are at the time of the announcement (e.g., between Loggerhead and Triplet's Treasure), but we don't guarantee to stay on that route forever. We'll also state hours in game time we intend to be out (e.g., until 2pm game time or until someone sinks us). After we announce, Mihawk will try to avoid all battles other than PVPs that engage us. Only sloops that engage us will be eligible for prizes.

Your job is to find Mihawk, engage and try to sink him in one engagement in a PVP battle. NOTE: For prizes, we will accept the results only of the first engagement and it must result in a ship sinking.

Prizes (for those on board either ship when one of the ship sinks):

  • Jobbers and bnaver for the losing sloop will receive 10,069 from Grumbles
  • Jobbers and bnaver for the winning sloop will receive 20,069 from Grumbles
  • The bnaver for any attacking ship will receive a stocked sloop (win or lose)
  • Plus, Grumbles will invite all on board both ships at the end of the battle where we will have a local only Swordfight tourney additional cash and prizes.

NOTE: To give both factions a chance to sink or be sunk, we'll set sail in either a Light Side or Dark Side crew. The global chat announcement will also let you know which we are in since you can't sink us if you are in the same faction.

The announcement might look like "GG Event - Sink the Mihawk ( on the Defiant faction sloop Seldom Spotted Hawkfish between Logger and TT from now until 2pm game time or until sunk - lots of prizes".

Disclaimer from Mihawk: Mihawk might try to use cheap tricks on you

Disclaimer from Grumbles: Mihawk is really not that clever so don't worry.

Good luck.
Grumbles on all oceans

Posted by mitsu999 at Oct 24, 2018 6:24:48 AM
Re: Grumbles Giveaway PVP Event: Sink the Mihawk
We ran this event 3 times -- first 2 times, Gembert (on his alt Gembertagain), attacked and lost to the mighty Mihawk. 3rd time around Mnsmak of CiS attacked and Mihawk was sunk.

We had fun running this event and may do it again sometime. I know there were others waiting to engage us if Mihawk had managed to survive against Mnsmak.
Grumbles on all oceans

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