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Posted by Myrddin9 at Oct 9, 2018 5:22:46 PM
BUYING ALL FURNITURE! (With exceptions)
Hello All,

I NEED Furniture! (Furnishing a Gallery at the moment)

Please send a tell to Aegonsnow or Elvasat in game if you are selling anything from below!

Limited Edition Mystery Box Furniture:

ALL Wine, Spring Green/Emerald, Ice, Banana, Plum Furniture, Crimson/Shadow Battle Box & Booch Furniture (Booch Furniture Such as Giant Mushrooms, Nightmare Bed, etc.)

Usually paying a minimum of 75k and up to 300k per item!

Haunted Seas Furniture:

Ghost Bottle in a Ship in Light-Blue, Night-blue & Purple: 150k each
Organ Night blue: 400k
Haunted Chest Night Blue: 200k Each (2)
Haunted Clock Night blue: 200k
Haunted Flag Tapestry Night blue/Night blue: 50k ea (4)
Haunted Wardrobe Night Blue: 350k
Haunted Powder Bags: 25k ea
Haunted Candelabra Night Blue/Night Blue: 50k ea
Haunted Chair Night Blue: 125k ea

For Gilded:
Fairy Displays 65k each (In the colors I don't have.)

Smuggler Furniture (From Black box) 5-10k Each!

If you have any furniture that I haven't listed here and want to show me, feel free to!

However, I do not need anything from Atlantis, KH or Greedy Furniture!

Posted by jakesgirl11 at Oct 10, 2018 4:00:10 PM
Re: BUYING ALL FURNITURE! (With exceptions)
what fairy colours don't you have

Posted by Myrddin9 at Oct 10, 2018 6:18:31 PM
Re: BUYING ALL FURNITURE! (With exceptions)
what fairy colours don't you have

I don't have...

grey, red, orange, yellow, blue, navy, violet, purple and brown

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