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Posted by Cantrecover at Sep 18, 2018 4:30:49 PM
werewolf game
How to play:
Gather in one circle - this is the village. You will be randomly assigned a secret role during the first night. Do not share your role with anyone but the Mayor/Narrator.
Night: When the lights are off, it is night time. No talking. The werewolves pick someone to eat every night.
Day: When the lights are on, it is day time. The host informs you who was eaten last night. This person is eliminated from the game. Start a new circle of "dead" people. It is time to discuss - who is a werewolf? The villagers have to burn the wolves before it's too late.
Voting: It is time to vote. Send one tell to the host. You are deciding who you think is a werewolf. The votes are tallied and the person with the most votes is burned alive. The chosen villager is eliminated and joins the circle of the dead. Keep in mind that the werewolves are voting as well.
Goal: Last pirate standing wins. If both werewolves are eliminated, the werewolf bites a random villager and they assume the role of the new secret werewolf.
Roles: Werewolves: Thirsty for blood, the two werewolves must decide through private /tells who to eat. When a decision is reached, /tell the host your choice.
Silverkeeper: Armed with deadly silver, the wolves can not eat you. You may hold the silver to scare the wolves away during the night, or you may pass to a villager to protect them. Choose wisely when to hold the silver, as you may only hold it twice.
Spy/Seer: With a keen eye, the spy can learn the role of any villager. /tell the host, once per night, the name of a villager to learn their role. The spy must not reveal themselves as a spy.
Doctor: With the power of healing, the doctor may revive a dead villager. The chosen villager re-enters the game, becoming the thief. (Must chose who to revive by the end of the second round.) One time use.
Thief: In the dark of night, the thief may steal a role. /tell a name of a living player to the host. You will be granted their role and the player who was stolen from becomes the new thief.
Witch: Using werewolf voodoo dolls, the witch may cast a one-time spell on the remaingng players. The current werewolves become villagers. Two random villagers will be selected to replace them.
Villager: Innocent bystander. Stay safe!

any changes will be announced by host

Posted by Hikariks at Sep 18, 2018 10:13:00 PM
Re: werewolf game
So it's like Mafia or Town of Salem but YPP edition :D can be fun!
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Posted by Nekhbet at Sep 19, 2018 4:06:11 AM
Re: werewolf game
For some context: we have been playing this game across Emerald for the past few nights so I guess somebody wanted the rules in a more public place than our basement! But yep it's just like mafia/survivor.

Posted by lcawte at Sep 25, 2018 1:34:03 PM
Re: werewolf game
So it's like Mafia or Town of Salem but YPP edition :D can be fun!

There was a YPP edition called Rogue Ocean Masters (or something like that) which was forum based. I think it died off not too long after I went inactive, but was always great fun.
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Posted by gldnstern at Sep 30, 2018 8:43:05 AM
Re: werewolf game

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