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Posted by spellbinding at Aug 19, 2018 2:57:39 AM
Consider It Sold!
Consider it sunk invite everyone to a fun mystery box auction on Fri 24th at 2pm game time. We will have 35 boxes up for grabs! We will be jobbing via notice board from 1.30 game time and starting the mystery box auction at 2pm. Bidding will start at 30k per box with 5k increments. If you win a bid, you get to pick a box number and win the prize inside. Trinkets are in some boxes to replace deeds, chroma and furniture bundle, just trade cisevents pirate to collect your item. We will have tables on board for those who want to watch the auction madness and a tournament at the end of the auction. We hope to see you all at this event :) ***New addition, who ever wins the most boxes in the auction wins an unnamed lobster at the end of the auction***

Things up for grabs somewhere in these 35 boxes :

Unnamed tan octo
Dark class sloop
Rogue class sloop
Kraken hunt furniture bundle
Atlantean furniture bundle
Unnamed gold seal
Unnamed black seal
x3 small unnamed black dogs
Unnamed black cat
Unnamed gold tiger
x4 plum chroma bundle
x3 bluegrey chroma bundle
x10 indigo chroma bundle
x5 atlantean chroma bundle
Set of rogue class ship designs
Unnamed gold rabbit
x4 small harpoon cannons
Unnamed atlantean & bronze kark
Unnamed maroon & blue grey pelican
Unnamed tan & green gator
Plum & white wall anchor
Red & blue Patrons Table
Yellow & gold gilded bed
Unnamed gold hedgehog
Vampire bookcase
Vampiric Candelabra
Maroon & gold gilded parlor games table
Vampire Basin
Green crystal ball
Gold golden peacock vase
Smuggled arms
Set of plushies
Atlantean statue

Spellbinding of all oceans =)
Yes i am back!!


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