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Posted by Dorien at Aug 15, 2018 3:28:32 PM
Dark Seas has me intrigued
Might be fun to get some of the old crew back together. My goodness it's been a while. Any other old salts here because of that e-mail?
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Posted by Grinfish at Aug 16, 2018 9:41:21 AM
Re: Dark Seas has me intrigued
I'm certain you'll find a few familiar faces on the docksides of Obsidian! Of course it's no Midnight/Alpha Docks, but don't hold that against it :)

I only returned myself a couple of months past, and I've not been the only one to relight my portfire.
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Posted by mari_ at Aug 16, 2018 10:16:44 AM
Re: Dark Seas has me intrigued
Dorien, come see who IS here you'd be very intrigued at the old salts lurking ;)
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Posted by Crawlinglink at Aug 20, 2018 12:26:58 PM
Re: Dark Seas has me intrigued
im definitely not a old salt lurking around
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