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Posted by arg60455 at Apr 20, 2018 7:32:05 PM
This is a new post based on the event that planned a week ago. I still have everything set up for the event and the rewards set aside so I am going to try this one more time.


Grab yer hearties and your fine rum, Fresh and Bold are hosting a brand new type of event!


Location: Port Venture is the starting point.
When: Friday May 4th 6:30 pm Game Time | Race Starts @ 7:00 pm Game Time
Who: As many who want to join!
What is needed: A Sloop and some friends (All team members must have some puzzling stats)

What You Need To Know:

First off what is it even? We will be hosting an amazing race of sorts puzzle pirates style. Pirates will register their team with the team leader, name of the sloop, and members of the team. (Team leader does not have to be the one who navigates, but they do have to own the deed to the sloop.) When the race starts the ships will leave PV on a charted course. Along the course teams will stop a designated islands where the first 25 teams will receive 1 race token each. There will be 5 types of tokens all located at different islands for the teams to collect. The goal is to collect as many tokens as possible, so teams will have to engage each other in to collect tokens from the enemy ships.

How will this all work?

Fresh And Bold will have ships ported at each checkpoint island on along the race. Each participating ship will arrive at the island and contact the FAB member for that island and they will transfer a token to their hold.

The goal is to obtain as many tokens as possible, so teams will have to engage each other in pvp and steal tokens from other pirates.


What are the tokens? The tokens for the event are certain specific commodities that will remain unknown until you get them during the event.

How do we collect tokens? Along the route of the race there will be 5 checkpoint islands. At each checkpoint teams will port so a member of the event staff can transfer their next token into their hold.

How many tokens are there? The tokens drop in number as the race goes on. The first checkpoint will have 27 and they will drop by three at each checkpoint. (27,24,21,18,15) So it is important to go quickly.

Can we sink the other ships? Yes, but you won?t be able to increase your number of tokens so grapple will be what you want to go for.

If my ship sinks can I grab a new sloop? No, only one sloop per team. If you are getting close to max damage that is all the more reason to go for grapple as quickly as possible.

How Long will it go? We are planning for this to take around 3-4 hours from start to finish. Depends all on how quickly the teams move.

How many pirates per team? Since the sloop is the only ship allowed there is a max of 7 pirates per team, but if you want to go for a more elite group of 4-5 you can go for it. The Prize money will be split less ways.

Are there any requirements for teams? The only requirement is that a team can not be made up of only green named low experience pirates. The majority of the team needs to have at least broads in a few of the piracy puzzles.

What happens if everyone sinks? Then there will most likely only be one team left as the winner. If by some way the last two teams sink each other the resources and prizes will be put on hold for a second race.

How will we keep track of it all? Each of the islands will have a certain number of tokens, so at the end we will know exactly how many in total, and how many of each type of token there is. When a team gets to the final island they will transfer their tokens to the FAB ship ported at the finish line.

What will be the route? The race will start at port venture and go in order to these checkpoint islands. 1st Traveler?s Rest, 2nd Pride Island, 3rd Woodtick Island, 4th Dingwall Island, 5th Moonlight Cove, and the the finish line will be at Triplet?s Treasure.

What if I don?t have charts and/or mem? We will have a few members on the staff who will be ready to chart for the teams that need the route. This is a race between pirates so if you prepare by buying charts or by memming the route before hand that is all fair game.

How to win?

The main goal is to get as many tokens as you possibly can. The team with the most tokens at the end of the event will win the grand prize. You can only get one of each type of token from each check point island so you will have engage with other teams to steal their tokens.

The Grand Prize:

We are still accepting donations for the prizes. As of now the grand prize will be 100k poe, and a LE Skelly Class Sloop

As we receive donations I?ll will keep track of them here and the pot will grow. If you would like to donate reach out to any of the Royalty or titled members of Fresh and Bold and they can get you in contact with an appropriate representative.

You can always reach out to me if I am online with /tell Blondberd. If you want to give a prize for a specific occurence I am sure we can figure out how to implement it.

Other Prizes!
10k From Kingporo For the first team to sink another sloop!
100k From Dressedinred Towards the Grand prize!
30k From Lisakayela 30k to the 2nd place!
10k From Squigg To the first team to the finish line with at least one of each type of token.

How do you sign up?

Just respond to this post with this format! Don't worry about putting down your team member names, as it may be difficult to know which of your hearties will be on at that time. When the prizes will be dispersed they will be given to the team leaders who will then pass on what they decide to their team. Whether that be equal shares or by performance is up to the team leader.

Name: Blondberd
Team Name: The Cool Cats
Sloop: The Adjective Fish
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Posted by Sumoaoken at Apr 20, 2018 9:19:56 PM
Sounds interesting! Hope people participate!

Posted by thenatedogg at Apr 23, 2018 10:38:29 AM
I will be there and am looking forward to it! Team name pending but will post official intent soon!
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Posted by JMRUDNICK at May 1, 2018 8:56:04 AM
should have a team
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Posted by thenatedogg at May 4, 2018 12:20:58 PM
Official application! So excited!
Team Name: Open Minded
Sloop: Detestable Hake
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Posted by natethedawg at May 4, 2018 9:06:37 PM
Congrats to Placeholder on First! We were willing and waiting to PvP but you guys snuck into port;)

BlondBeard, thank for organizing it and hope to see future events!
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Posted by thenatedogg at May 4, 2018 9:13:07 PM
Thanks for the event FAB and Blonde and good game to all!
Mattatron on Obsidian

Posted by arg60455 at May 4, 2018 9:48:39 PM
Race is over! Great first time for this kind of race, I got a lot of feedback for improvement for the next one, but I don't know when that will be. I didn't get a lot of signups, but I had enough to test out the idea to see if something like this was even possible with the current game mechanics and still be fun.

Hopefully I can get something together that will be even bigger and better withing the next 2 months or so.
The player's experience should be the primary focus of any type of game development.

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