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Posted by HotNoob at Oct 11, 2017 9:50:07 PM
Downside of keeping "inactive" stall employees?
Got 2 inactive employees on my staff @ meh SY.

are there any downsides to keeping them on staff?
will it screw up labor formulas?

i recently had a day where labor randomly dropped to 50 labor / day... from 250-300 labor... huge WTF. assuming was bug with escrow and coffers.

but could it have been caused by inactive employees?

got 21 on staff, 2 are inactive.

i would prefer to keep incase they return to PP. but if there is risk to causing bugs in labor system. maybe not worth it.

Posted by Sagacious at Oct 11, 2017 10:56:52 PM
Re: Downside of keeping "inactive" stall employees?
They have no direct impact on your wait times to retain them, but if the hours they were providing while active are not matched by additional hours available from your other active employees, then your wait times will increase. This isn't really because you left them in your list though and I'd argue that you are best to leave them in because they might renew in the future and help bolster your available hours. Plus if you dismiss them they may not be reminded to renew their labor or badge by the system.
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