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Posted by Outanmax at May 29, 2017 12:24:47 PM
Whole crew Dormant. What to do?
Hey everyone,

So I wasn't playing PP for over 2 or 3 years. Today I came back to this game but my crew is Dormant. Everyone, including the Captain. I'm the only Officer right now. The politics are autocratic and I can't do anything.

There is like ~15 people in my crew.

Can I assign myself Captain or SO?
I want to revive this crew.

Posted by wrs1864b at May 29, 2017 12:34:29 PM
Re: Whole crew Dormant. What to do?
years ago, the game used to change the crew to oligarchic when the captain went dormant and to democratic when captain and all the SOs became dormant. However, since crew creation costs dubs, OOO decided that you shouldn't be able to take away a crew from the person who made it.

So, now there is nothing you can do, other than continue to play in a nearly empty crew, start your own crew, or join a new crew.
Algol can not assert the truth of all statements in this post and still be consistent.

Posted by Florianlp at Jun 1, 2017 1:42:47 PM
Re: Whole crew Dormant. What to do?
i suggest to wait for obsidian to come out before u play seriously. Since Emerald will surely die till the end of 2017 :p

Posted by Opsat at Jun 1, 2017 4:59:22 PM
Re: Whole crew Dormant. What to do?
Hehe. I don't know about the "Emerald will surely die" bit. People will check out the new ocean, yes, but I don't think that automatically means they will move there and leave the current oceans completely. There are people who don't like pvp at all, and don't like the idea of shoppe dusting, etc. So perhaps some people will remain. We'll see when the new ocean comes out. =)

In the meantime and in any case, I point to what Algol suggested. You may continue to play in your 'empty' crew. You can still run pillages and things as an officer. Just be careful about the PoE and stuff you put in the hold because you won't be able to take them out unless you use your own ships. And nothing stops you from jobbing with other crews, as long as you have the badges you need. =)

Or you can create a new pirate (whether in that same account or a whole new account) and build that pirate up until you can make your own crew. That is, if you're sentimental like me and don't want to make your current pirate leave your old crew to join another. ;)
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