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Posted by Lintu8 at May 6, 2017 11:39:46 PM
Ocean change question
Hey guys, I'm an old salt who's been offline for a few years and I've just returned to find that Meridian is a ghost town.

I've heard that Emerald is the place to be in terms of player numbers but I was wondering if it's possible to swap a pirate from one server to another? I've played my current character for so many years I'd hate to have to start over :(

Let me know? :)

Posted by EmpressTamar at May 7, 2017 12:10:36 AM
Re: Ocean change question
You cannot transfer your pirate, items, stats, trophies, familiars, pets, anything between oceans. If you have poe that you would like to access on a different doubloon ocean you would need to first buy doubloons using the poe, log into the other ocean using that same account, and sell off the doubloons.
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Posted by Opsat at May 8, 2017 5:52:34 AM
Re: Ocean change question
There's still a number of pirates on Meridian. =P Significantly more than on Cerulean! xD Hehe. In any case...

Unfortunately, no. If you haven't previously made a pirate on your account on Emerald, then you'd have to create one and start from the beginning. Hopefully your pirate's name is still available there so you can use your old name. And you could always tell people that your main was on Meridian so they can check your previous stats there, if that will help. =)

Welcome back! =)
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