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Posted by Demeter at Apr 24, 2017 11:47:37 AM
Clarification of the Trade chat channel
It's fairly simple: as per the name, Trade is intended for trading/buying/selling.

So if it's suitable for the Bazaar forums, it's allowed in Trade chat, as are responses to comments there (although please note that discussions or bartering would be much easier in /tell as it's not throttled!).
* This includes adverts/recruitment for shoppes and stalls (as there's a sticky for those in the Bazaar), offers or requests regarding charting, and so forth.
* This does not include jobbing for voyages/blockades/skellies/poker games and so on, those can already be found easily using the noticeboard or a game table and would be featured in the Events or Parley forums, not the Bazaar.
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