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Posted by jujuman at Nov 1, 2016 11:03:24 AM
Battle Navigation Rating

I'm a returning player that used to play on Cobalt, and now I play on Emerald. I used to have GM/Legendary bnav stats on Cobalt, but on Emerald the highest I attained was Master and now it's Respected.

I pillage mostly on Admiral-Lincoln route and generally let my spawns target me which are green, and sometimes I target yellows. I finish with max-0 most of the time, finish the battle in around 10 moves and I grapple. Naturally the pillages are very successful, usually I can finish a 10 battle run without losing.

Why do you think my bnav rating is not improving? What more can I do?

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Posted by jlh0605 at Nov 1, 2016 12:47:35 PM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
Being a long-time Hunter then Emerald player, I can attest that while my bnav skill has not gone down, my rating has. I was consistently GM/Leg pre-ocean merge, now I'm consistently Master/Renowned. I think there are two major reasons for this.
1) Lack of active battle navigators. Though the latest pillaging update helped with this, there just aren't as many players navigating battles as there were years ago. Less players, plus equal skill from before among top players, equals lower ranking for many.
2) Many of the players who do still navigate do every little thing to boost their score, making the curve more and more skewed. It has been suggested to me, for example, that if I want to increase my battle nav ranking, I should always intentionally lose the first fray, so that I can have a dead ship in the re-engage, to boost my stats.

I personally long ago gave up on getting Ultimate in many puzzles (including battle nav). I just nav to have fun. IF we win almost every battle, and most are max-0, then I consider that a success, no matter what my ranking says.
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Posted by minisparrow at Nov 1, 2016 2:04:44 PM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
Pretty much mirroring what jlh0605 says.

Just like in any puzzle, if less people are doing it and only the people who are good at it continue, your scores will be judged against their scores and therefore will be rated as such.

Bnav for example, is judged on how close to maxxing your opponent you are and how quick you do this. Hence why some people are starting to max - dis - max again (but much quicker).

If it's of any help, and it's on Meridian but the same logic applies really, below is a screenshot of a crew that has 3 people in the top few rated bnavvers on the ocean.

That will give you a small indication on bnav time and number of battles that these 3 navvers partake in.
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Posted by Furarri at Nov 2, 2016 12:23:17 AM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
If you can go 10-0 your bnav stat doesn't matter.
What's to improve? 11-0?
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Posted by gagund at Nov 2, 2016 3:57:42 PM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
If you can go 10-0 your bnav stat doesn't matter.
What's to improve? 11-0?

10-0 while averaging 5 minutes per battle is quite different than 10-0 while averaging 10 minutes a battle.

Posted by Crimsonator at Nov 3, 2016 8:23:52 AM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
In my early pillaging days, and having grinded quite a bit, I found that I was easily able to maintain a legendary standing in bnav doing only green routes, and apparently, red routes like Osprey and Pleiadas (I am not aware of any other red archipelagos or interarch routes in Emerald) and redder ones like Wissa - Beaufort and Tichka - Hubble's Eye seem to help out your rank more, but I have my doubts about that.

I was going to write a lecture on how a navver should never engage their ships and instead wait for their spawns to engage them, but I noticed that that is what you do. In any case, in my early days of pillaging, I found that by letting my spawns engage me, I was able to maintain legendary simply by doing green pillages in Gull, not to mention that the booty was noticeably better that way.

There is, however, one more thing worth noting: assuming that you are sailing on a sloop, you need to have a large enough crew to spawn imperial rank brigands and barbarians. I think Pishkirlin wrote somewhere that navving against any ship that has a rank lesser than imperial will harm your rank, which is something I can't confirm, but I go by anyway. I am not sure how many pirates it takes for an imperial to spawn in Gull, but you can get by with 4 pirates and a regular duty navigator in red routes, wherein, mind you, your rank will go up higher and faster (I believe it's possible to attain ultimate on a green route, but it might be a bit difficult). Also, navving a sloop is much more efficient for ranking up.

In the end, bnav is just like any other puzzle; you can't really expect to rank up from only a few performances. Some ranks are harder to get past than others, especially in the current state of the player population. Just make sure you are navving efficiently (which sounds like you are) and that your crew is large enough to spawn imperials (think 5 to 6 people on a sloop).

Feel free to hit me up in-game with any questions you have about bnav.
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Posted by Vengfulsoul at Jan 16, 2017 4:22:25 AM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
You need to spawn harder ships. Get better pirates to job for you, go to a harder arch, navigate, set your spawns to hard & hardest.
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Posted by LJAmethyst at Jan 23, 2017 12:47:26 PM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
The might ring color does not matter so much as the rating of your opponent. Only fight Imperials. There is also a spectrum of difficulty among each crew rating. So you will want to fight the hardest Imperials. The hardest routes are the interoceans, e.g. Wissahickon to Beaufort.
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Posted by Vepar7 at Jan 23, 2017 1:46:26 PM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
It depends on your accuracy and the enemies.

There've been common "tricks" that include:
1) overmaxing your opponent (e.g adding 10 extra cannonballs) to raise your accuracy
2) letting a maxed opponent disengage just to engage the defenseless ship again (and proceeding with step 1) to get two ratings

Other people have been doing it lately, but it still requires a lot of skill to get there.
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Posted by Nouer at Jan 24, 2017 12:59:22 AM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
Getting ultimate is a pretty simple procedure, you mainly need to:

1) Always play on the harder routes, with interocean routes being the hardest and then closely followed by interarch routes (route difficult being marked by how dark the LP's appear on your map)
2) Max the enemy as fast as possible, without getting grappled early or getting shot too many times

Accuracy might have an effect, but I didn't pay much attention to it when I was playing. You could try overmaxing to improve accuracy but I really dislike this as it wastes jobbers time, and you can easily achieve ultimate without it.

The biggest things you want to avoid are:

1) Getting grappled early, or grappled with a bad score
2) Getting shot too many times (max-3 and below is acceptable in my book)

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