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Posted by Finneegan at Sep 28, 2016 8:21:32 PM
Port plankings?
I played ages back for a little while and have returned and recently that 'learning' thing has run out - and twice in a row now at port I get planked!? It doesn't seem very social - why is it being done? Sure, not great at the puzzles but I apply myself. I don't write anything in chat. It's rather disheartening when people pretend to be social by typing 'Ahoy', but really you get planked without a word latter on.

Posted by jlh0605 at Sep 28, 2016 8:46:42 PM
Re: Port plankings?
If you're being planked right away, that's a problem.

I don't know which ocean you're on, but you can always try to find someone established on that ocean who is willing to help you find a place. If you're on Emerald, I can try.
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Posted by Ghostbeardz1 at Sep 28, 2016 9:59:12 PM
Re: Port plankings?
While my words won't undo the actions of those pillage captains, I still genuinely wanted to speak up to thank you for speaking up about a issue which happens to quite a few green jobbers, as well as pirates who have returned from absence & are relearning the puzzles.

As someone who came back to the game a year-&-a-half ago as a jobber relearning the puzzles, the philosophy I ended up deciding on was to keep hopping ships till I found crews or captains who behaved in ways which cared in some way about their jobbers. If all I got as a jobber was a single ahoy & a couple of red order whistles, I would usually find a way to hop off after the first battle was over to try a different ship. After a few tries I would usually come across a ship that appeared to have 1 or 2 friendly pirates aboard & generally those ships rarely had any officer misbehavior. Eventually things began to get a lot easier after I had met my first hearties & found my first friendly crew, which made it a lot easier to follow along on a ship my friends & crewmates trusted.

To tell the truth, I genuinely wish it was easier. I genuinely wish our ocean community was better at making sure all crew leadership centered around creating a friendly welcoming space for jobbers to puzzle & be rewarded.

I guess my philosophy has been to keep the hope that if each of us jobbers & crew members keep seeking out supportive & friendly pillages/events that over the long run those supportive events & communities are going to be the ones which thrive.

We aren't there yet, but my hope continues to be that our decisions as jobbers can still make a difference.
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Posted by Ghostbeardz1 at Sep 28, 2016 10:16:39 PM
Re: Port plankings?
Yarr harr, my message above may have been a wee bit too wordy.

To echo Jamesh above, if you are seeking to followup in-game, feel free to pass me a tell to Ghostbeards or Ghostbeardz. Both ghosts are always happy to help whenever we be online. Just type /who Ghostbeardz or /who Ghostbeards if ye seeking to find one of us.
Ghostbeards of Emerald
Senior Officer of The Royal United Navy

Posted by Finneegan at Sep 29, 2016 5:47:59 PM
Re: Port plankings?
Thanks for the kind words, Ghostbeard and jlh!

I mean, we got back to port and the booty was divided (I was maybe slow on voting because I didn't know I had to do that (and one time I tried and it wouldn't let me anyway)), but then I get planked (twice in a row) where as on other boats when the ship was back at port it was divided and that was it (I hopped off under my own steam). But that was when I was getting 'learning' instead of poor or booched.

What really bugs me is the way they act all social with the ahoys, but then then its definitely not social at all to chuck someone out without a word. Acratic, I'd say. Particularly when they could just look at my profile and not hire me on if it's not enough for them (which is fine).

Anyway, I've gotten that off my chest. Just don't like it when people act as if they are friendly when really they are cut throat. Be honest with yourselves, people.

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