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Posted by Hunni5 at Aug 28, 2015 3:40:20 PM
Malicious Intent's Mystery Auction
Hi folks, Malicious intent is hosting a Mystery Auction tomorrow starting at 4:30pm gametime. The event will be held on a rogue grand frig- Apply via the noticeboard or send a tell. We'll start inviting a half hour before start.

Highlights for prizes? Ships! And plenty of them. Out of 26 (I might add one or two more) prizes there will be 9 ships, all sloops through war brigs. There are some other juicy prizes as well.

The way it works is you bid to pick a box. After bidding ends, pick any box. (1-26) The prize pool will decrease over time, of course, so be quick! Minimum bid is 5k with 5k increments. I'll signal the start...Bidding will be in /vessel. Once I declare a winner (when bids slow down and I do going once....twice...sold) you pay me and pick a number, then win said prize!

Below is a list of prizes. If I add anymore, I'll edit this post. We wish to see you there!

War Brig, gold class
Merchant Brig
Dhow, rogue
Cutter, plum paint
Sloop, cursed
Sloop, rogue
Sloop, olympus class
Patrons card table (good)
Kraken Throne
4 Small Harpoon cannons
Ancient Bust
Gilded Display Case
Chroma Case
Large Display Case
Banana Chroma
Set of Plum Chromas (2)
Notorious Corsairs, hat and top (white/green)(female or male)
Wrapped deluxe labor badge
Wrapped SO and Bravery badge
Set of mugs (Stein and Horn)
Mossy Mousse (Temp)
Set of swords (2 Falchions, one rapier)
20 rogue marks
3 black boxes
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Posted by Reveie at Aug 28, 2015 9:12:15 PM
Re: Malicious Intent's Mystery Auction
Holy $hips, this could be interesting..
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Posted by Hunni5 at Aug 29, 2015 7:03:48 PM
Re: Malicious Intent's Mystery Auction
Thank you everyone for coming! We had a blast.
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