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Posted by Apollo at Dec 3, 2013 10:33:32 PM
December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
4 December - That's Cracy Talk!

Contest opens now! Contest will finish at midnight at the end of Saturday.

Democracy - power is in the hands of the people
Theocracy - power is in the hands of a deity or religious hierarchy
Autocracy - power is in the hands of an individual
Gerontocracy - power is in the hands of the elders
Sandiamaurisocracy - power is in the hands of the blonde and well-tanned

We know these systems - but we need our own! Your task today is to decide the basis on which the world of Puzzle Pirates should be governed, and describe roughly how power would be assigned and used; you may also want to include your reasoning for why this would be a good choice for Puzzle Pirates!

* You must create your own ~cracy
* You must outline the rules (or lack of rules) and how the system functions (or doesn't function)
* Remember to keep this relevant to the game
* Your entry should be well-written, and hopefully amusing, but the idea you write about can be as sensible or as bonkers as you like
* You have up to 500 words to define your system of government

As a reminder, please read the general rules before posting.
Include your pirate name and ocean at the top of your post, then the name of your system of government, and your manifesto for your ~cracy.

Go Doodle!

Posted by Snowpixie at Dec 4, 2013 4:35:51 AM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Imp, Meridian. I'd like to buy an increased word limit, please.

x close


Mission Statement:
Puzzle Pirates, Incorporated is a registered Government TM under the Green and Blue Agreed Inter-Ocean Agreement Policies (SIS/QA#452.39/A-458.42/T inclusive). Our multiskilled, dynamic, expensively-dressed teams are here to engage with you dynamically on your excitingly unique Pirate Identity Incorporation (Pi2). With adaptive, dynamic brand licensing and innovative marketing based on a stable core of Plausibly Deniable Dynamic Business Intelligence, We are the Government for You! Book now to attend a free seminar! Tea and Coffee provided!
x close

Guiding principles:
You are your Brand. All Piratenames to be registered with the Puzzle Pirates, Incorporated Registry of Pirate Registration. Lifetime fees apply. Defaulting on payments will result in deletion after a period of no less than 6 weeks and the name will be returned to the common pool for reselection.
x close

Brand Protection* licence required. Licences may be obtained through the Puzzle Pirates, Incorporated Brand Protection Bureau. Fees and charges apply.
*Registered brand-protection strategies include: Litigation By Sword/Bludgeon/Mug, Spin, Industrial espionage, Governor-bribing and Forum-baiting, Distraction, Misdirection, Rhetorical devices and Persuasive language.
x close

Profit Maximisation* licence required. Licences can be obtained through the Puzzle Pirates, Incorporated Advertising Licensing Board. Fees and charges apply. Advertising space not included.

Specialist Advertising Consultants are available through the Puzzle Pirates, Incorporated Advertising Consultancy. Bookings essential. Fees and charges apply.

*Profit maximisation permissions include: signage, throw a party, innspam, /tell, offer?, would you like fries with that?, have a nice day, markup, market manipulation and persuasive advertising.
x close

Piracy Licences required for all seafaring activities. Fees applicable. Circumstance-mitigation and responsibilty-exemption insurance extra. All decisions to be made by committee, to be nominated prior to sailing.
x close

Individual Licences individually required for individual activities including: Melee Participation, Monsterhunting, Deedholding (Residential), Deedholding (Seafaring), Deedholding (Retail), Goldrunning, Fruitrunning, Crewrunning, Krakenslaying, Drinking after 5pm, Drinking before 5pm, Drinking at 5pm, etc, subject to change without notice.
x close

* Exceptions include but are not limited to: storms, brigands, barbarians, storms, leaving port, not leaving port, damage, lack of damage, storms, sailing with a full crew, sailing with 12!, not sailing today sorry sir, did you bring your own bilge pump?
** No deckchair Lawyers.

Written by I. Sane for the Department of Homeisland Core Competency Standards, Infrastructure Streamlining and Marketing Analytics Development. Authorised by A.T. Wenceslas.
Imp, totally sane mermaid-siren of Meridian.
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Posted by joandart at Dec 4, 2013 11:47:54 AM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Herowena of Cerulean

Doodleocracy- Power is in the fingers of the Doodlers

The rules of our Doodleocracy are simple and few:

1.) The Golden Rule: Doodle unto others, as you would have them doodle unto you. We sometimes sink, we don't win every fray, and we all have different talents. Remember to appreciate each other's strengths, and brush off any "failures". There is always another chance.

2.) The Go On Rule: Whether it's navving in the Cursed Isles, distilling in a hearty's shoppe, negotiating the intricacies of Artpad, or (dun dun DUUUUN) a singing doodle, just have a go at it and have fun.

A Doodleocracy functions by combining all our individual dysfunctions into such an entertaining conglomerate, no one notices any knobbly bits.
Herowena of Cerulean
Still Sleeping With The Fishes

<---Dexla drew it.

Posted by Aeternis at Dec 4, 2013 12:04:11 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Locu of Cerulean

Boochediblecracy: Power is in the hand of the inconsistent puzzlers who alternate between booched and incredible on almost every duty report

It's important when ruling an ocean to understand everyone, the elitist as well as the greenies. So the people who know both sides of the pirate world must lead.


Thou shalt not laugh about booching a crafting session

Thou shalt not laugh about a booched navigation

Thou shalt not laugh about a booched DR

Thou shalt not brag thy incredibles

Thou shall not put one puzzle over another
Locu on Cerulean and Opal (and some other Oceans)

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Locu's Weaving Stall on Tinga and Cranberry

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Posted by Dexla at Dec 4, 2013 12:51:20 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Dexla ~ Cerulean
Not writing this off of personal experience or anything.


Cantankerocracy was loosely modeled upon a system currently in use... somewhere else.

The basic premise is, whatever you think, or wish to do, the rest of us don't like it. If you have a better idea, we don't care, we still don't like it. If you dislike my personally disliking it, get off my lawn. You can speak to a supervisor, who I can tell you right now, won't like whatever it is either. All issues may be brought to the attention of the governing council via submitting the proper forms, signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters. In the end, no resolutions will come from it. This system is perfect, and partially in use already, for Puzzle Pirates, simply because, resistance is useless.
Dexla d'Midnight

Posted by GoreJackFan at Dec 4, 2013 3:23:43 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Gorev Emerald

Petocracy - Power in the hand of the pets.

Government run by all the pets in the game. I see on every island I go on pets walking around checking to make sure everything is going according to plan so I say let them run it. If they run it they will have the right amount of shops on that specific island and not over crowd it. Pirates will have to rotate the pets every two weeks to give them a break in return they will give you a plentiful amount of Poe earned each week. Rules are simple. Just have fun and don't cause drama. If a pirate is caught begging they will be put in a time out for 15 minutes. Rank means nothing experience means everything.
Gorev - Emerald

Posted by Booful at Dec 4, 2013 4:43:32 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Pixelpixie on Cerulean:

Piratacracy - the perfect system for pirates.
We come, we pillage we brawl we plunder...whoever we like, whenever we like...and when it's all over we drink rum!

yes this system is simple and...well very suitable for a world of pirates! Who governs it? well thats easy....those that own ships...untill we throw a mutiny and take over their which case whoever bribed the crew with the promise of the most rum and poe will govern. Untill we don;t like seeing their face at the helm which case we will simply plank them and choose a new get the point. It's the perfect system! Filled with rum poe and booty! And a whole lot of overthrowing of captains...Yarrr

I was never one for politics anyways...
PixelPixie; I collect Sunfish, Angelfish, Blowfish Pixelpixie avvy's Avvy by me

Posted by Raalala at Dec 4, 2013 6:17:11 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Bambeh - Emerald

Yolocracy - If it seems like a bad idea, do it anyway.

Citizen Requirements

1.) Must say yes to any outlandish proposals.
E.g. Yes, that person could easily beat me in a sinking pvp but, I'll give it a shot or a few.

2.) Recite the motto when anyone says 'Yolo'
'A Yolo a day keeps the docks at bay' - (Wouldn't want to end up begging on the docks now, would you?)
(When forgot, pirates will be forced to walk the plank (If no plank available, nearest crocodile infested swamp will do))

3.) Bribery is encouraged.
Want that station on a ship? Bribery will get you everywhere you need to go. Captains encouraged to look the other way or take part.

4.) ALL IN.
It's always a good idea, always. - '2,9 Unsuited. YOLO'

5.) Just laugh. Literally, that's it, no catch.(*)
(*)No seriously, there is no catch

Punishments to those breaking rules.

Besides being embarrassed, other penalties on a scale of 1-10 include;

1.) 1k Payment to person in charge of the area.
2.) 5k Payment to your Captain
3.) 10k Payment to Island Governor
4.) 25k Tournament to be made with a trinket that says 'I disobeyed the Yolo way'
5.) Spend a week referring to yourself as 'Dobby', when greeted you must shout, 'DOBBY IS A FREE ELF.'
6.) Walk around in a tan outfit for a week.
7.) Spend an hour on the docks.
8.) Loan an hour of your time and forfeit all poe made during that time.
9.) Go on a HS WF Run. (You're not allowed to be in charge of it)
10.) You must buy a pig, name it after yourself and walk it for a week.

These punishments are based on a majority vote, bear in mind rule number 3. If a majority vote is not made, I must be consulted.

Yoloism - Such wow, no regret, very fun, much yolo, many chance.
~ Bambeh

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Posted by jrnjaz at Dec 4, 2013 6:35:09 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Johnjuan on the Emerald Ocean


Power in the hands of the handless.

The fewer body parts ye have, the more power ye control. It costs and arm and a leg but tis worth it.

I think this really pegs it. But if ye don't like it, the beatings continue until morale improves.
On the Emerald Ocean
Scoundrel and trouble maker.

Posted by MSpartans at Dec 4, 2013 7:10:40 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
* Gneiss Emerald

* Roweocracy: Power in the hands working dirty jobs

* This would be good because there are increasingly less pirates willing to do the thankless and mediocre jobs

* Power would be assigned to those with the highest logged hours on the high seas puzzling as a jobber

  • Trophies awarded based on accumulated hours puzzling as a jobber-first trophy awarded at 1,000 hours
  • Clothing that can only be worn by those who have received certain trophies referenced above
  • A special jobber chat based on hours jobbed in that day-chat is activated after 45 minutes of jobbed puzzling
  • Special weapons that can only be purchased once the 5,000 hours trophy has been obtained

-All decisions regarding islands would be decided in the special jobbing chat.
-Jobber King, Mighty Kahuna Joe Young and Kuzko to the Helpless (ie, the pirate with the most jobbing hours), would approach the individual(s) who they want to set up the blockade, or not show up to the blockade, or scuttle, and so forth.
-The non-jobbers who do not follow the suggestions of the Jobber King will have war declared on them until all their ships are sunk and all piracy dreams have been crushed.
Searching for Black CI Trinks

Aug 12, 2011
Av by Diagram

Posted by pickypeanut at Dec 4, 2013 7:40:48 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Lastcall - Emerald

Crazyocracy - Power in the people you least most likely want in power... the Crazies

Just how do you get elected into this position you might ask?

Well each month we would be thrown into a padded cell and evaluated by our Oms. We would be forced to come up with zany ideas such as Alice class sloops. We would be made to go without rum for hours on end. We be forced to talk about the times we seen unicorns and dragons out on the high seas. Perhaps even slap each other with fish! Each Om has their own methods for coming up with the chosen 1.

Once our keepers have selected 1 subject who has the qualities to get the job done they are turned lose into the public and given reign over the land. This lone crusader would be responsible to bring laughter and silly off the top crazy antics to our precious ocean that we all have come to love

This type of ruling is not for the faint of heart! Be prepared to be cast into a world of make believe and fantasy that just may make you wanting to never leave.
---Lastcall--- of Emerald

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Posted by maiooch at Dec 4, 2013 7:44:12 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]

Power is in the hands of the environmentally friendly.
1-Whisks will be limited to no more than 1 bottle (9 swigs) per day, limiting this will cut down on fumes caused by those of us who do not bathe often. You know who you are.
2- Baths- bilge- conserve water while you clear your vessels and make use of them.
3- Petitions will be returned via Message in a Bottle (these are reusable-do not throwaway), please stand at the dock of your home island, we need to cut down on paper trails and petitions mates.
Rhodanite of Cerulean formerly of Midnight
Queen of Bedlam
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Posted by cattrin at Dec 4, 2013 9:23:38 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Cattrin on Cerulean

Rumocracy- Power to the rum (and its makers).

Why would pirates govern any other way? (And besides, when the government shuts down, you get to ask why the rum is gone.)

Whenever there's a new governance passed... Drinks all around.

Win yer blockade? Drinks all around!

Lose yer blockade? Even more drinks all around.

Opening a new distillery? Complimentary drinks all around.

Don't have enough poe to pay your crew's cut after a particularly nasty run-in with Barny? Gutless ghosties don't want yer rum; pay 'em in it. Drinks all around!

Trust me, the pirate populus will never be unfavourable toward you if you rule the rumocracy.
Cattrin of Cerulean
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Posted by bisquick at Dec 4, 2013 9:27:30 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
I couldn't resist the terrible pun -.-

Bisquick of Cerulean advocates for...


Who would have thought that horses could rule the vast sea? Pssh on your carpentry bonuses, Bad Horse was always one to go against the grain. So watch out, human seafarers, a new order is on the rise.

The Evil League of Evil strives to infect our waters with musical mayhem. So practice your scales, concoct your crazy heists, and abandon your sanity because the rules of society will be rewritten before you know it.

1. All communications must be conducted in song. In fact, if you can't hear the chorus singing this missive to you, get your ears checked.

2. Hierarchy is weighted upon your deeds of piratey evil. Grappling the enemy? Pssh! Sink them!

3. Acquire a strong sense of morality and never abide by it. Bad Horse strongly persecutes those that steal, which is why he's confiscating all of your ships and any loot he finds.

Hippocracy: power in the hoof the horse who leads with an iron... hoof. All hail!

(P.S. If you have not seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, you should)
Bisquick - Midnight (turned Cerulean), and all other oceans
Captain of Ransack Marauders

Posted by Bunnylaroo at Dec 4, 2013 11:47:08 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Bunnylaroo of Emerald

Squawkocracy - power in the hands talons of Parrots

WHEREAS we, the parrots of Yohoho Puzzle Pirates, have successfully mastered human language, thus demonstrating our inherent superiority, we hereby declare our intent to govern mankind.

Guiding Principles of Squawkocracy

1 - Parrots, as the ruling class, must be either carried on the shoulder or housed in a comfortably furnished Fancy Wardrobe at all times.

2 - Cats and Big Cats shall be exiled to uninhabited outpost islands, effective immediately.

3 - Parrot feathers will replace pieces of eight as the accepted form of currency; however, they will only be available for collection during molting season.

4 - All in-home and shipboard carpeting will be replaced with newspaper, which is to be changed bi-weekly.

5 - In lieu of blockades, a flag's parrot population will be used to determine island ownership and tax levying (larger populations of parrots resulting in lower taxes). In the event that two contending flags have the same parrot population, the toucan and raven populations will be taken into account.

6 - Human attendants (formerly known as "owners") of parrots will be required to wear clothing that coordinates with the plumage of their parrot leaders.

7 - The phrase "Polly want a cracker?" is henceforth forbidden. Anyone overheard speaking this phrase will be immediately sentenced to ten years of hard labor on a newspaper clean-up chain gang.

Your immediate compliance with the terms of this ultimatum is anticipated. We hope that you will all welcome your new avian overlords. RAAAAWK...Avian Overlords...RAAAAAAWK!
Bunnylaroo of Sage Emerald

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Posted by JSChromeboy at Dec 5, 2013 11:13:15 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Pirate: Mastorakis

Ocean: Meridian

System: Rumocracy


We, the pirates, (hic!) declare today that all of us, are entitled to a daily flagon (or two....or three) of rum (hic!). That by this means, divisions, politics, derision, envies, civil walls, boundaries, hate, bigotry, dislike, body odor, distaste for mismatching clothing and Monday morning hangovers (hic!) are all a thing of the past!

We do so solemnly (HIC!) pledge that in this revolution, we will become united under a single barrel of rum and clink flagons like brothers and sisters in a single chorus (hic!) of brother and sisterly love, with nothing to break us apart again. For what, but the lack of that which we desire, brings us to the conclusion (hic!) that our fellow pirate must die? When all desires are met, and we unite under the table! All divisions will fall to the wayside! This we declare is a Rumocracy! (HIC!)
Asheme - Malachite/Viridian Oceans - (2009 - 2011)
Mastorakis - Meridian Ocean - (2013 - present) that is all.....

Posted by mkessler at Dec 6, 2013 4:16:46 AM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Isza of Emerald


The power is in the hands... or the display case... or the alt, or the other alt...

This is the underground pulse that knows exactly how much items are worth and how to manipulate the prices of this market... driving the economy with materialism <evilly wrings hands together> "BawHaaHaa"

Those with the largest and most complete collections rule within an elite society that scours the oceans for the rarest of finds. Decoy alts are placed in inns to snatch up those items needed to be kept or traded.

An ultimate ruler will one day emerge... the one pirate that acquires the ever elusive... *a hush falls over the room* Indigo starfish <Gasp>
Isza of Emerald

Posted by Merovingien2 at Dec 6, 2013 7:26:55 AM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Merovingien of Meridian

Demonico-Tailorocracy : The power is something you must wear...

Seriously : A pirate wearing raggs who becomes officer or more??? you're kidding me...

You ‘re an officer ? be dressed like an officer ; you’re a captain ? show it! Don’t look like a cabin person. You’re a cabin person ? you can be assured you will be seen like it…

In this society , appearance is the power’s reflect , and us, tailors, are the mirrors : guardian of this power.

demonico-tailorule 1) Be dressed=>be loved , be ragged=> be naked ( waiting for girls with spyglasses and free portraits ^^...for men turning into worms, ravens are waiting for you...)

demonico-tailorule 2) Tailors have to be elegant by nature, so their own outfits costs 50% cheaper than others pirates. tailors selling rags, be ragged...and you know what happens next ^^...

demonico-tailorule 3) Pirates who wants to become tailors must pass an "E-level" ( Elegance exam) : in front of tailors jury, they'll have to constitute 10 outfits with colours combinations being creative and elegant : to make sure power is in good hands. If they attempt to corrupt jury, jury keep the money, but pirate be ragged ^^ ( french are immediately considered as an elegant person, no need to pass the exam)

demonico-tailorule 4) Whatever they could say or moan, pirates must pay the amount required by the tailor to be dressed. Price is flexible depending on the tailor's mood and his wish to see ragged people ^^.

Demonico-tailorule 5) Chinese counterfeiting is severely punished ( make a guess ^^..)

Prepare to change the pirate society’s face , because <<dressed or naked?>> : that is the question… and we make sure to answer it (^o^).

Posted by 1nkd at Dec 6, 2013 6:53:40 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Diagram - Emerald

docktartocracy - You've got to spend countless hours, doing completely nothing but nagging those dock muggles.

Citizen Requirements

1.) Must spend a minimum of four hours per day on the dock.

2.) Must talk until throat hoarse and/or received a blackspot.

3.) Must not puzzle and/or board a vessel.

4.) Send repetetive trade requests & puzzle challenges.

5.) If none of the above must be idle.

6.) You may only log off due to inactivity.

Punishments to those breaking rules.

1.) Be stripped of the title of 'dock tart' (and by stripped, I mean ;) )
2.) Be keelhauled under the jetty of the dock.
3.) Attend a greeter pillage.
4.) Spend many months or years working on a navy vessel - without pay.
5.) Clothes to be torn so much that they turn into rags
6.) Eye's to be pryed out by a tan/tan parrot.
Diagram on the Emerald Ocean.

Luckydrop says, "Diagram is the winner of a swift kick in the booty!"

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Posted by lilymoon at Dec 7, 2013 9:36:01 AM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]

Behind every god or goddess there is The Brother... a brother who rules things. Sometimes the brother is known other times he is not known. But we all know this. Once the brother becomes known to the masses the god or goddess must declare their undying servitude. The brother can then declare that the god must perform acts upon his every whim or the brother can go on ignoring said god/goddess and let them rule as they see fit.

Thus the rules of the ocean really depend on The Brother. We may never really know what those rules are as they change on the whim of The Brother.

What we can surmise is that any sibling of said brother has got to be the unluckiest (or to some The Luckiest) pirates of the ocean.

Faeree of Emerald
Faeree ~ Illustrious Wanderer on all oceans ~
Avvie by Tilinka!
Apollo wrote: 
(Is it wrong that I'm now just a tiny bit in love with Faeree's brother?)

Posted by MSpartans at Dec 7, 2013 12:31:05 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]

The funny thing is, one of my beta ideas was to do something related to Faeree's brother
Searching for Black CI Trinks

Aug 12, 2011
Av by Diagram

Posted by Hikariks at Dec 7, 2013 6:58:35 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]

Yumisa - Meridian

I can see your reaction, you are wondering what this great system is about... welp! I got a great answer. A great and funny.... or should i say PUNNY answer.
The oh so mighty Hera shall guide us to a purply-brilliant world full of laughs

How this works, you say?


*Everyone shall send a Pun suggestion to the mighty Pun Master of each island (which will be decided with a mighty Tournament)

*Everyone shall wear at least one purple clothing item

*Not laughing at Hera's puns is unforgivable, and that offense shall be punished by walking the plank

Apart from that, Let the games begin and pass the rum with friends!

Ridiculous? I think not
Yumisa World Wide ;)
10 years in, still here, baby.
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Posted by LadyYumi at Dec 7, 2013 9:10:59 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Jackiechar - Emerald

Pokercracy - poker people rule!

Let's face it, tons and tons of people who live under this governmen play poke-r. Poker monday, poker tuesday, poker everydey

Well then, how does these people live? There are rules for them, duh

1. Always start with a greenie, GET THAT ULTIMATE TROPHY, k now do whatever u want

2. If someone ask for 200 poe, please give it to them, cuz you know, not like they are gonna ask for it again... again... and again......

3. The usage of "all-in" prove that you are experienced and that you should hold the office, i mean, whenever you "all-in" you stir up fear in me = best governor ever since you create reign of terror

4. 1 poe are poe, and 100000 poe are poe - whether you have 1 mil or 1 poe, poker is still the way to go

5. Ship loading? Poker. Feel lke being a lazer and your officer isnt yelling at you to station? poker. Whatever you do, a true follower of pokercracy play "pok ker" whenever he can

6. Loss is expected, you gotta learn to deal with it. If you can't,... well POKER. That's the answer

7. The remaining rule are poker

8. poker

9. pokerzzzz

10. i lied

11. double lied, pokerzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by wuppypuppy2 at Dec 7, 2013 9:24:17 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]

Wherein our leader, the Sun, guides and rules us with a firm yet gentle hand.

Apollo's word is law.

And that's pretty much it, because Apollo is wise enough to lead everyone properly, governing us, guiding us, choosing the cutest doodle winners, and so on.

--Wayfarer of Meridian, who is totally not sucking up.
Wayfarer of Meridian
Escapist artist

Posted by budclare2 at Dec 7, 2013 11:56:22 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Budclare, Meridian


Power belongs in the hands of people who have no noses; since all forms of government require the shoveling of vast amounts of BS*, it's best to not actually have a sense of smell.

All those born noseless should have automatic citizenship, with all associated rights and privileges (a lack of nasal allergies, etc.). A naturalization process should be available to those who lose/remove their noses later in life, allowing them to be treated just like anyone else who has no nose. Anyone attempting to sneakily hide a nose cosmetically should be severely punished, possibly by forcing them to eat stinky cheeses and bathe dogs who have been skunked.

Leaders should be chosen based on strict criteria, such as their adherence to noseless naming guidelines; a pirate named Sneezer should never be given a position of authority, noseless or not.

April Fools' Day should be a holiday during which we all reflect on how lucky we are not to have noses. The night would end with a bonfire onto which we all throw our nose effigies. There would be a poem and everything:
Remember, remember!
The first of Aprember**

*barnacle scat
**The old pirate name for April (see above re: barnacle scat)
Budclare on Meridian

I want a cookie.

(Imp turned me into a dolly! :D)

Posted by Apollo at Dec 11, 2013 1:28:21 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
I think our futures are in safe hands, mates! Thank you for those insightful and deeply thought-out systems of Government - I'm sure they will be adopted by major powers across the world without delay. :)

Our winners are Imp and Bunnylaroo, who each win a gold lily trinket.

Runners-up are Herowena and Budclare.

Honorable mentions go to Dexla, Bambeh, Cattrin, Bisquick, (also wins the Get Out Of My Head award for this doodle), Mastorakis and Wayfarer (also the wisest answer).

Shiny Sun Points

10 Shiny Sun Points go to Imp and Bunnylaroo
5 Shiny Sun Points each go to Herowena and Budclare
1 Shiny Sun Point each goes to Dexla, Bambeh, Cattrin, Bisquick, Mastorakis and Wayfarer.

Posted by joandart at Dec 11, 2013 2:22:06 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
Hurrah! Seeing my name doodle-mentioned makes my December. :)
Herowena of Cerulean
Still Sleeping With The Fishes

<---Dexla drew it.

Posted by Snowpixie at Dec 11, 2013 2:39:33 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
Hurrah! Seeing my name doodle-mentioned makes my December. :)

I am on a little bit of a high :)

Although this doodle is inspiring the political ranter in me, I have been utterly humbled by a couple of heroes this week. Onward and Insurgent!
Imp, totally sane mermaid-siren of Meridian.
Superdoodle avatar by Budclare =D

Posted by Bunnylaroo at Dec 11, 2013 6:36:45 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
Woohoo! Slow motion happy dance time:

Bunnylaroo of Sage Emerald

Avatar by Pennywhistle

Posted by GoreJackFan at Dec 11, 2013 7:01:07 PM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
congrats to the winners
Gorev - Emerald

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