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Posted by Jeted at Sep 23, 2013 6:29:15 AM
Inter-Crew SwordFight Tournament
Hoy all, Jeted here and with a new type of tournament for us all to try out.

On Saturday 5th October I will be holding an inter-crew swordfighting tournament.

How does this work?

Well quite simply all participating crews will head out to my flag's (Honor Bound) hall on Admiral Island at roughly 10 AM. once there each crew's captain (or if the captain is not participating) or leader will pay for the first rounds admission, then using a SF table the crews who are to fight each other will join a 'local only' match with a minimum of 5 pirates or maximum of 10. after this the losing crew will be knocked out and the winning crew will progress.


Honor Bound's Grandoise Flag Hall on Admiral, 10 AM game time
Payment is made when officially entering the competition when entering the hall and most crews arrive.


- Each crew must have an entrance fee paid for each round in which they play

- Entrance fee per pirate is 5k with each rounds fee growing by 5k

- Minimum team size is 5 pirates with a maximum of 10

- if any crews team number outnumbers that of another team then they must conform to the enemy teams number, however the larger team may choose its fighters for that round

- if the need is urgent and a crew member for some reason has to drop out then a crew may recruit a temporary fighter for all subsequent rounds, however that fighter must not have previously fought that crew in a previous round.

- if a crew has shortened its fighter size to fight a smaller group then the round fee only has to be paid to the amount of fighters fighting in that round

- all prize money will not be paid to each member of the winning party equally but rather to the captain or team leader.

Victory Conditions:

Each with the exception of the final round each round prior will have a condition that there are no second chances.
The final round will take place with a best of three match, however both crews in this round will win prize money.

Prize Pool:

With all of the final fee's paid at the end of the tournament the winning crew will receive 60% of the total, the second will win 20% and the remaining 20% will go to Honor Bounds flag funds. (however this may change to 10% for the funds and 30% for second place if over 10 crews enter.

To enter just enter your captains or team leaders name who is going to enter their crew and how many you will likely bring


If you have any questions about this or suggestions to improve upon the idea then feel free to post it in the thread.


All fee's should be given to the alt Santaa as it is probably the most reliable and trustworthy user.
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I didn't start the Xmas in July ones, but im pretty sure Pegasiswolf dedicated them in remembrance of me

Posted by Massiah at Sep 25, 2013 11:57:42 AM
Re: Inter-Crew SwordFight Tournament
Interesting... couple of questions though...

1) What happens if the number of crews that decide to participate is not a 2^x number (where x is a whole number) i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16.

If this happens, which it most likely will, there are a few points to clarify...

a) At the beginning certain teams get a "bye" into the next round, how will it be decided which teams will get a "bye"?

b) Will these teams still have to pay for round entry?

c) If they do have to pay - how would this be done fairly... for example you have 2 crews of 10, 1 gets a "bye" the other doesn't, the crew that has to fight goes up against a team of 5, so the team of 10 only pays 25k, does the crew of 10 that got the "bye" have to pay 50k? If you say the team that gets the "bye" only pays the minimum fee, 25k, what happens if 3 teams of 10 play, 1 gets a "bye" the other 2 fight each other. Do the 2 teams fighting have to pay 50k and the crew that got the "bye" pay 25k? This needs to be clarified.

2) Probably the most important point - why would any crew enter a team of more than 5?

a) There is no advantage to entering more than 5 people. You pick the 5 best sword fighters in the crew and go with that.

b) There is no increased financial incentive to have more than 5 in a team. Imagine this scenario...

16 teams enter - 1 team of 5 & 15 teams of 10. for simplicity i will use a constant 5k / pirate fee,
1st round fees paid = (1 x 50k) + (7 x 100k)
team of 5 get through
2nd round fees paid = (1 x 50k) + (3 x 100k)
team of 5 get through
3rd round fees paid = (1 x 50k) + (1 x 100k)
team of 5 get through
4th round fees paid = (1 x 50k)
Total Prize Money = 1.3 Million (winner receives 780k)

Now if the team of 10 win... each pirate, assuming divided equally, will get 78k.
If the team of 5 win, again assuming divided equally, will get 156k.

Where, oh where, is the incentive to have more than 5 pirates / team? There's no financial or tactical benefit.

3) Crew membered teams only, what is the point?

a) With the ability to chop and change crews effortlessly, why would you set up such a strange stipulation?

Pirates X, Y & Z are really good sword fighters and want to enter the competition together, unfortunately they are in different crews... oh wait a minutes - "whisk, whisk" problem solved. It's pointless!

4) The prize is worth less than fee pool paid.

a) In an event based on the skill of the participants, they would gain more just going to the brawling tables claiming 100% of the pot. The event lacks any sort of real reward.

b) And if the reward for the crew is to be able to boast "we're the best sword fighting crew around" with only a fraction of crews on the ocean entering - that boast will last for... maybe a minute.

How to fix these problems!

1) Have 1 single fee for each team.

2) Teams of a set number to enter, say 5, they can go with less but they take the disadvantage of having less people on their team - yet have the advantage of a better booty split.

3) Make it open to any teams that want to enter.

4) You'll notice that points 1,2 & 3 above effectively make it no different from just going to the brawl tables... So here is how you make it different and get wholesale ocean participation - Offer 5 unnamed familiars as a prize to the winning crew :)

Not sure what familiars are worth these days (been away a while), but say 5 familiars cost 10 million, you simply divide it by the potential participants, maybe 50 crews of 5 people entering... you then divide the 10 million by 50 and get you're team entry free - 200k per team, 40k per pirate. Seems fair to me... i might actually enter :P
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Posted by Jeted at Sep 26, 2013 1:14:45 AM
Re: Inter-Crew SwordFight Tournament
Massiah you are the type of pirate I love to have as a constructive feedback giver. Now first can I say that i had thought about the 'Bye" system and was considering that the Bye either going to one of the first teams to enter or in subsequent rounds the first team to finish first. Also in case of a Bye i would most probably set the fee to the average of that round, i.e. say 6 teams and the 7th in a Bye 4 of the teams pay 50k while 2 pay 25k, the Bye team would pay the average from a normal formula. Although I might also just say that instead of a fee per pirate on the team then just say a flat fee per team, regardless of number, like 50k per round even if 1 team has 2 members and the other has 5.

I agree mostly with your other "fix" points. In fact if you are willing since you seem to be thinking more about the logistics than me if you write out a new set of rules and such if i Verify them then we can use them as the refined set to be in actual place. If you have the time or want to of course. Cheers and thanks for your time mate.
Jeted on Sage (Emerald) Ocean

Santaa on the Emerald Ocean, instigator of the 2011 and 2012 Xmas Giveaways.

I didn't start the Xmas in July ones, but im pretty sure Pegasiswolf dedicated them in remembrance of me

Posted by Massiah at Sep 27, 2013 6:23:31 AM
Re: Inter-Crew SwordFight Tournament
I'll take you up on that challenge :D
I'll PM you an idea...

I've devised an event that allows all participants an equal shot at the big prize! But still requires skill to win - but in a much fairer way.

It involves a high value prize!!

Everyone has a shot at winning!!

Could work out quite well!!
Gillygilly... defining the meaning of being a Huntard.

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