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Posted by Robyand at Aug 29, 2012 5:56:20 AM
For over a year we've been able to see more and more pirates using bots in three puzzles: bilging, gunnery and blacksmith. Now looks like they can use such a program in more puzzles: rigging and carpentry. I'm already annoyed to see so many pirates, all with ultimate in those five puzzles and low standings in rests and the worst thing is puzzles scoring are ruined now. Bilging is much harder to keep incredible aslo rigging became so hard and these two puzzles were my favorite because I could get a good score. I can't say about gunning or blacksmith because I'm not good at those and I can't notice any difference.
I really want to get the game back to normal, these botter make it worse, ruining the puzzle scores, winning competitions, especially for blacksmithing and gunnery. Also on citadel runs, most of frays are lost because of people that are away in frays but they score incredible all the time in the puzzles mentioned above.

Posted by Ninty64 at Aug 29, 2012 7:10:06 PM
Re: Botters
I agree with you 100%. I no longer find bilging fun because now I struggle to do half as good as "I used to be at it". It's frustrating.

We need the bot banhammer!
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Posted by srachit at Aug 29, 2012 9:03:50 PM
Re: Botters
Well if I am not wrong, the game developers are doing their best to ban all botters and take other measures to make the bots defunct but you can help them aswell by reporting people that you are sure are botting, like in the example you gave, someone scoring incredbile after incredible but straightlining in a fray is obviously a bot, so report him and hopefully we can start erradicating the bots from this game.
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