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Posted by monstersoda at Feb 9, 2012 2:11:15 PM
Please Fill our Mugs
I'm afraid that the cask has run dry, and we, the denizens of Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, would like s'more.

Bring back the days of silly things, over-the-top ship sabotage, science experiments, and alphabet soup.

We'd love it.

Posted by Quitex at Feb 9, 2012 4:15:32 PM
Re: Please Fill our Mugs
Specially now that there's half the number of oceans to take care of ;-)
Quitex, everywhere, mainly Ice.
Monarch of Cows
Joly wrote: 
Someone asked why Quitex would do this as a rogue. All I can say is, well, he's QUITEX! No one knows what he will do next, ESPECIALLY Quitex.

Posted by Stephensam at Feb 22, 2012 7:12:23 AM
Re: Please Fill our Mugs
Well, considering we have 13 departed or shanghai'd Ocean Masters and only 15 "active" Ocean Masters, seems less likely right now :(
Stevensam -Cobalt Native, founder and host of The PoE is Right. Creator of Lime Day.

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