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Posted by Realjuan at Jan 30, 2012 6:28:19 AM
New way to get your BNAV stat to ultimate
I have to admit total ignorance until now...I got to legendary bnaving, never got to ultimate cause I stop playing...but now I know how to do it.

First I want to thank *AaN* for teaching me this. (but i think they learned from someone that also loves to do this... from another flag that wins kades with fishy tactics)

Step #1.

Look for an empty MB...meaning no bots, no poe, no goods, no pirates.

Step #2, engage it after it is half damage and half bilg for floating

Step #3, pretent there is a pirate doing LSMs (but he/she is failing, reason that the MB is sitting still)

Step#4 Gun really fast because the MB disengage...not

Step#5 hope you dont max yourself against rocks or other ship trying to grapple.

Step #6 Take all your wins (0) to port fast before another ship (with only 2 pirates) attacks you

[14:44:55] Ye told BotKiller, "looking for a pvp kid?"
[14:44:55] BotKiller is gunning and might be too busy to respond.
[14:47:47] BotKiller tells ye, "Egads! Ye've come across a ghost ship. There be no pirates aboard at all!"
[14:47:55] BotKiller tells ye, "tought i oculd raise my bnav like that"
[14:48:20] Ye told BotKiller, "did the bots beat you?"
[14:48:29] BotKiller tells ye, "no there was no battle"
[14:48:41] BotKiller tells ye, "The victors plundered no pieces of eight and no goods from the defeated vessel."
[14:49:06] Ye told BotKiller, "aaahhh sorry about should try pvping real people"
[14:50:32] Ye told BotKiller, "now, why you hidding?"
[14:50:41] BotKillertells ye, "reboot"
[14:50:47] Ye told BotKiller, "aahh sure sure sure"
[14:51:03] Latinboy issued an order to set the vessel to sail.
[14:51:11] Ye told BotKiller, "want me to send another empty MB so you can attack?"
[14:51:22] BotKiller tells ye, "nahh it was quite boring"
[14:51:40] Ye told BotKiller, "well seems like the only way *AaN* can outbnav someone...(if bots count)"
[14:51:54] Ye told BotKiller, "thought you would appreciate it"

*Fake name to protect the amazing pirate and his/her amazing flag/crew

Note: I am terrible bnaver, never lost pvp against anyone (but then i barely remember 1 or 2)...just wanted to spice a little Sage's forum before it all ends!!!! Feel free to attack me on the ocean sinking non-sinking...I can handle the pixel lost :D

But hey I hope to be able to tell you whos the best PvPer on EMERALD SOON....but maybe ill fail at that too :D

Just trying to practice my English
"Ten cuidado con el pirate del caribe, vamo' a ve' si tu tienes calibre" Daddy Yankee

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Posted by Hunted123 at Jan 30, 2012 8:28:20 PM
Re: New way to get your BNAV stat to ultimate
Hunted, Emerald

Posted by Kyubi74 at Jan 30, 2012 8:44:33 PM
Re: New way to get your BNAV stat to ultimate
This one is on me guys...

Cool Story Bro.
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