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Posted by Masterlockex at Jan 22, 2012 8:12:04 PM
Big Random Furni Sale
New is marked with white, Good blue, and Old red.
**Also have 1x Sleeping Tortoise, and 2x Sleeping Piglets on Malachite that im willing to sell.

Prices are as follow:

Broken Atlantean Amphora- (4x New - 6k each.)(2x Good - 4k Each)
Anchor - (4x Good - 2k each)(2x Old - 1k each)
Apples - (2x Good - 2k each)
Archelon Modle - (1x New - 15k)
Atlantean Statue - (1x Good - 15k)
Bag - (4x Good - 250 poe each)(1x Old - 100 poe)
Broken Barrel (11x Good - 500 poe each)(9x Old - 100 poe each)
RB Fancy Bed (3x New - 20k each)(1x Good - 15k)
RB Rowboat Bed (1x Good - 10k)
Wine or Plum Rowboat bed (2x New - 30k each)
Bedroll (8x Good - 500 poe each)
Cannon Balls (2x New - 2k each)
Small Cannon Balls (2x New - 2k each)
Carven Table (1x New - 10k each)
Plain Chair (11x New - 1k each)
Broken Chest (7x good - 500 poe each)(3x Old - 100 poe each)
RB Painted Chest (1x new - 10k)(1x Good - 5k)(2x old - 2k Each)
Ice Painted Chest **Not from this promo, from last** (1x New - 15k)(1x Good - 10k)
RB Festive Fir (1x New - 15k)
Broken Crates (9x Good - 500 poe ea)(8x Old - 100 poe ea)
RB Crossed Heart (1x New - 15k)
Crossed Spears (1x New - 15k)
Crossed Tridents (2x New - 10k ea)
Fancy desk (1x Good - 2k)
Driftwood (7x Good - 500 poe ea)(1x Old - 100 poe)
*Tortoise (Never Ages, 275k OBO)
Triketos Model (1x Good - 10k)
Broken Wheel (9x Good - 1k ea)(6x old - 500 poe ea)
Woodpile (2x New - 500 poe ea)(9x Good - 250poe ea)(2x Old - 100 poe ea)
Small Driftwood (16x Good - 500 poe ea)(1x New 600 poe)(6x old -100 poe)
Plum Exotic Canopy Bed (1x New - 50k)
Banana Hanging Fan (1x New, 10k)
RB Festive Stockings (1x new - 5k)
Short Fetish (3x good - 500 poe)(5x old 200 poe)
Tall Fetish (3x good - 500 poe)(1x old - 200 poe)
Fish Skeleton (9x good - 100 poe)(6x old 50 poe)
Gorgonyx Model (2x new - 15k ea)
Jarred Homunculus (1x Good - 7k)
RB Pirate Flag (2x Good, 5k ea)
Scrolls (1x Good - 400 poe ea)(7x old - 200 poe ea)
Ship in a bottle (8x Good - 1k ea)(3x old 500 poe ea)
Skeleton Table (32x New - 10k ea)(1x Good - 7k ea)
Golden Armor with sword (3x New - 10k ea)(2x Good - 7k ea
Sword Rack (1x good, 8k)
Tools (10x Good - 500 poe)(1x old 250 poe)

Post here or tell Proof/Obietrice ingame.

Edit: Also Selling These:

2x Good Fancy Crossed Spears - 10k ea
RB Lacquered Table, New - 20k
Large Table, new - 10k
Skeleton Table - Good - 7k
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Posted by Txen at Jan 23, 2012 11:21:33 AM
Re: Big Random Furni Sale
i think i might like the fan please :)

Posted by Jordd3 at Jan 23, 2012 3:14:31 PM
Re: Big Random Furni Sale
50k tortoise
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Posted by Killerdemona at Jan 25, 2012 5:13:37 AM
Re: Big Random Furni Sale
ill take all skeleton tables new and good
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