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Posted by Tsuruchi at Dec 7, 2011 1:06:16 AM
Selling Random Trinkets/Trading for Madam Yu
I dont really know colors, but heres my guess
ruffled garder purple
ble golden horseshoe
purple stained wishebone
2white starfish
lightblue starfish
lime archelon egg
blue cian atlantian band
purplle atlantian band
blue cian sub aquadic pin
blue cian curious row
blue cian dragoon chow
2 trident coins
sunken tablet
scale strigle
yellow and blue hemlock
amber spider
blue bone knife
2 violet Bone knife
lime ritual candle
cultists chow
red beaded bracelet green and purple
orange scorp sting
brown pirana
lime horn talisman
tall fetish good

Would love some madam yu trinkets but will gladly just sell
Post pm or /tell tsuruchi
Captain of the Rum Runners.
Collector of the Mako.
~Need: frost sloop, eme sloop, cutter, dhow, baghala, merchant brig,merchant gallon, grand frig.. and as always.... sloops!
Port of call Nu.

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