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Posted by Dragonzrkool at Dec 5, 2011 9:42:16 AM
Selling Furni/Clothing (Atlantean/CI themed Clothes)
Hello there, seeing as this seemed one of my better options for selling items I decided to open up a thread to list some of my spare things that I think others would have better use out of : P

I am a little iffy on making my own prices so I will be taking offers on all of these items. You can PM me here or send a tell (Dragonzrkool in-game) about a specific item and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

The items are as follows:

Bunk Bed - Ice Cloth Color, New condition
Atlantean Amphora - New Condition
Little Chest - Good Condition
Tools (2 of them) - Good Condition

Atlantean Helmet (2 of them) - #1 Atlantean Color, New Condition #2 Navy Color, New Condition

Pair o' Boots w/ Gaiters - Atlantean w/ Atlantean, New Condition

Feathered Hat (2 of them) - #1 Blue w/ Atlantean Feather, New Condition #2 Indigo w/ Tan Feather, New Condition

Conquistador Armor - Atlantean w/ Atlantean, New Condition

Frilly Shirt - Indigo w/ Magenta, New Condition

Pair of Boots - Grey, New Condition

Pair of Buckle Shoes - Light Blue w/ Atlantean, New Condition

Pair of Pants (2 of them), #1 Blue w/ Atlantean, New Condition #2 Orange w/ Indigo, New Condition

Added: Fancy Boots, Yellow w/ Indigo, New Condition

Will update list along the lines... may add or remove items.
This is the time when I wish I had a tailor stall.
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