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Posted by bakker091 at Nov 28, 2011 12:11:38 PM
Need a new name!
Ahoy mates,

I'm currently looking for a brand new name for my Tailor Shoppe:
Black Hearts on Admiral Island.

I bought it about a week ago and worked hard on it. Now I just need a new name, before the grand opening :)

If you come up with a good name (which I like), you get 15,000 PoE FREE to spend on the rack. (So for ye shopaholics, get to it!)

On admiral there is a theme, were owners take movie names / song names / quotes / ... and bring some word in it, which has to do with the kind of shoppe.
Now, since it's a tailor shoppe, this means it has to do anything with clothes/tailors

Rack to the future (Back to the future)
Scarf face (Scar face)
You've got chainmail (you've got mail)
but also:
Dressed to kill (movie)
The misfits (serie)

Personally, I'd like something fancy, VIP and classy.
I've tried some like:

It's Classy not Classic (album Breathe carolina)
The Dress Code (just liked that one)
A Shoppe is born (A star is born)

Ofcaurse if ye find any good name which doesn't have anything to do with the movie names or fancyness, just post it to :)

I will also reward participants who's name is not choosen but which I also like :) (those get 1K to spend on the rack each) <3

- EDIT: You may enter as many times you want in 1 Reply.
And make sure you've read the :)

Thanks for helping and looking forward to read your inspiration ! :)
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Posted by Indulgance at Nov 28, 2011 12:37:07 PM
Re: Need a new name!
ingame you said we can do multiple entries soooo

Hoodfellas- goodfellas
Requiem For A Seam- Requiem For A Dream
I Has Boot- Das Boot
The Green Style- The Green Mile
The Lord Of The Strings- The Lord Of The Rings


Posted by OpheliasAunt at Nov 28, 2011 12:46:17 PM
Re: Need a new name!
And what was wrong with MY suggestions?!!!

A Store is Born?

Store Wars?

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Slacks But Were Afraid To Ask?

Shirty Dancing!!?

Some people are sooo picky! ;)
~ Legs ~ Privateers ~ Sage

Posted by OpheliasAunt at Nov 28, 2011 12:53:31 PM
Re: Need a new name!
Pants Labyrinth
~ Legs ~ Privateers ~ Sage

Posted by PinGyp at Nov 28, 2011 1:18:36 PM
Re: Need a new name!
Puss in Boots d; Or Pirate in Boots.
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Capy flag officer chats, "I saw my name.... what did i do?"

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Posted by Reeves90 at Nov 28, 2011 1:51:54 PM
Re: Need a new name!
Remember, with the Admiral theme the goal is also to never use a movie title more than once. So if another shoppe type already has the same movie, it shouldn't be used.

That being said, I like:

Top Gown - Top Gun.
~ Reeves/Rreeves ~

Posted by bakker091 at Nov 28, 2011 4:19:15 PM
Re: Need a new name!
Hoy mates,

Thank you so much for the Idea's for the name :)
Althought I'm an hard headed donkey and choosen for one me and my manager bumped on.

But a deal is a deal. So I'm splitting up the 15K through 6, so you all (pirates who entered) may choose for 2,500 PoE

Pirates who entered:
Firetruck ; Dogmanj ; Arrgylesox ; Legs ; Reeves ; Indulgance

(If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! Please send a Tell !)


I'm honored to pronounce that the crowded horizon had to make place for a new name instead of "Black hearts".... And let another name get it even more crowded:
The Royal Clothier
(from the movie: 'The Rival Clothiers' (Rival = Royal)

I went looking for historical movies (like Elizabeth I) and read something about 'Royal warrants'.
Thats how we got to the The Royal Clothier !

Thanks alot for the help & Fair winds! :)
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Posted by Reeves90 at Nov 28, 2011 4:23:35 PM
Re: Need a new name!
Take my 2.5k worth of clothes and keep them on the rack to sell in the future. Good luck with your shoppe mate.
~ Reeves/Rreeves ~

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