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Posted by Aenor at Aug 23, 2011 3:31:39 PM
Incredible Trophy Bakeoff
I just got an idea for a contest, then it occurred to me that there's a good chance someone had already come up with it before, and even if not I thought about throwing it out here for a few questions I have:

The concept: A race to see who can obtain all of the Incredible trophies starting from a fresh alt.

Questions: To include all the incred trophies or not? Two of them (DNav and Gunning) require a badge to be purchased, and I'd prefer an event that was free to enter. Also, a third (TH) can only be done in limited cases, not always under a pirate's control.

Also, what level of prize do you you think would be appropriate for such an event? Obviously only an OM would decide if it was familiar-worthy, but if it isn't, what's the smallest prize you would think would be large enough to encourage many of the elite puzzlers to go out of their way to enter? I've got enough spare cash that I could purchase a tan familiar for a prize even if I get no official OM support.
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Posted by sweetnessc at Aug 23, 2011 3:46:38 PM
Re: Incredible Trophy Bakeoff
Kingpriam's Midnight Master was somewhat similar conceptually, except it was for gathering ranks instead of DR trophies:

We did a trophy race too (not requiring the Incred trophies, but just the most trophies in x hours).

Personally I would think it would be familiar-worthy, as long as you can lock down the rules well enough to avoid potential problems. It might take quite a long time to get all of the trophies, so not sure how you'd want people to report their results. If you do a wiki edit you get the timestamp and record of edits, but it has the downside that people have problems with the formatting of it.

Does gunning require a badge? I thought everybody could do it in the navy, or with a friend's order. (Even without the missions experience to unlock the gunning mission I think you can do gunning by taking another mission, then cancelling it to gun instead.)
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Posted by SirCarl67 at Aug 24, 2011 4:32:30 PM
Re: Incredible Trophy Bakeoff
Gunning doesn't require a pirate badge but the crafting puzzles effectively will require a labour badge.

If the prize is large enough the top players will get a labour badge. People with labour alt armies mightadd another / replace a basic labour alt whose badge has dusted. I can't see the comp lasting long enough for all the puzzles to have a free day. I suspect the experts could get them all in a couple of hours or so. However requiring badges will drastically reduce numbers.

Obviously including one crafting puzzle without the need for a badge is can be done by having the comp on the free day.

TH could cause problems, you might not please the SMH navver who finds 10 of his crew jump off at the first break because they have got the inc TH trophy they went their for. (another badge for the determined)
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Posted by TheRack at Aug 28, 2011 7:32:02 AM
Re: Incredible Trophy Bakeoff
Also, a third (TH) can only be done in limited cases, not always under a pirate's control.

Forage, while doable, would require somebody to set up a ship with a forage job somewhere. (Or an OM event ship somewhere)
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Posted by Akag at Aug 30, 2011 3:53:06 AM
Re: Incredible Trophy Bakeoff
I would perhaps suggest doing this event in two sections, one being Piracy Puzzles, the other being Labour Puzzles. Then, those who wish to enter the labour puzzle event can be pre-notified as to whether they are required to buy their alt a badge as an entry fee.

As for the prize, I can only assume that if It isn't quite familiar worthy, you might want to consider a Recolored, Renamed Limited Edition Ship (for example) or something of high value, because I know that from previous events I've seen, it's always the shiny* things that get the most attention....

*Shiny being rarer.

Posted by Aethera21 at Aug 30, 2011 7:06:16 AM
Re: Incredible Trophy Bakeoff
Splitting it into free and badge puzzles seems to take the legs out from under the competition, sadly. You'd be down to just 5 puzzles - 4 if you don't count gunning, which has the experience barrier. Much less of an accomplishment than having all the puzzles in, even if I at least would have a devil of a time with Rigging. If you run this everywhere (let me know if so, and I'll give you a hand on Cobalt, as I'll never manage Distilling) you could at least run it together on the sub oceans. Also, you know, sometimes people have to have a badge to participate in an event...that's just the way it is sometimes. It might be useful to take a survey of a dub ocean to gauge participation.
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Posted by Blacktoad3 at Sep 3, 2011 4:29:28 PM
Re: Incredible Trophy Bakeoff
run an evevnt pilly ship or smh and rnd robin each lp and at end of pilly the green alt with the most Increds? a TH and forage can also come on a pilly not just in smh so 7 total possiable in that event

as a green alt the time each player got past the beginer levels of each puzzle you would think they would be narrow which would allow them to gun making it the last of 7..easy to know who won watch the DR
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