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Posted by Nemo at Apr 1, 2005 10:57:08 AM
[Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
"Pirate Pantheon" is a Muse Game for everyone to play, and everyone to win.

  • ]1) Read previous entries.
  • ]2) Choose an unused god or create a new one.
  • ]3) Describe it informatively and refer it to at least one previously-posted god, with a link to that god's entry.
  • ]4) Refer to a new god that you make up, but don't describe.
  • ]5) Post it.
  • ]6) Repeat.[/list:u:2a4bcc5dc5]

    Have fun, and be creative, especially in connecting your gods with intricate olympian relationships, and in their bearings on the Y!PP world.
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Posted by Nemo at Apr 1, 2005 10:57:30 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Breaker (lesser god)

Impish child of Bling and Ess Eff, fickle Breaker hears her name incanted more than any other god in the Pantheon. Vain and mercurial, she holds her precious sack of shatter pieces ransom, awaiting her name. "Breaker! Come on comeon comoncomon! Breaker! " Sometimes she grants her garrulous disciple a boon to offer up to her ostentatious father, Bling. But if she is displeased, which is often, she withholds her combative cargo and enjoys the downfall of the ambitious builder.
Always attending to her mother, Ess Eff, Breaker plays in mother's garden and taunts her subjects. She delights in showering duelists with early pieces, and then leaving them bereft at opportune moments. But this is only to make them appreciate her all the more when she swoops in at the last second with a stack of just the right ones. Offer your thanks for these times if you plan to spend long in the realm of Ess Eff, for Breaker favors few and sways much!
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Posted by Obaba at Apr 1, 2005 7:46:26 PM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Lahgowt (demigod)

A monsterous beast that gaurds the path into Ess Eff's garden, along with Er'ohr and
Bso' Death. Known to prey upon stragglers that enter to pay homage, they curse her name as she binds them in a inescapable web that hinders, then bites with a paralyzing venom.
Such victims never see the the bounties of the garden or are sometimes plauged by illusions that they have achived their goal only to find they have been denied!
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Posted by Whitefire at Apr 2, 2005 2:27:14 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Ess Eff (Major God)

Fathered by Krogg, while her mother remains unconfirmed (It is widely accepted that Artemis, goddess of Witchcraft and Trickery, mothered her). Goddess of War, she often colludes with her husband Bling, the god of Fortune, to bring torment and riches as she sees fit.

Ess Eff is known for her warlike dispostition. She flits around the oceans, finding much enjoyment in the duels and brawls which she inspires. In stark contrast to her ineraction with mortals, Ess Eff keeps an immaculate garden in Atlantis, home of the gods. Her garden is regarded as not only the most beautiful, but also the most deadly. Her three beasts Lahgowt,Er'ohr, and Bso' Death sleeplessly guard the outer boundaries. Any who make their way past these nightmares must then face her children Breaker, Ins'tak Ill, and Teeming.

While many follow her, she is primarily worshipped by the cult of Black Death. Often garbed in black, this cult is known for their agile wrists and cunning tact. Many of the Pantheon's Heroes have come from this cult, most notably The Silver Dog.

Posted by mantus23 at Apr 2, 2005 2:48:23 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
En?stah (lesser god)
Sometimes known as Ins?tak Ill, and Cha?n Shaw.

Third and youngest child to Bling and Ess Eff, En?stah is the God worshiped by the most powerful of warriors and the lowest of zombie slaves. Undeniably, he is the most sadistic of the gods, patiently waiting for the tell tail signs of his sister?s (Breaker) handy work. When Breaker's salvation seems to be at hand, a blast from En?stah?s unholy trumpets will sound and a fatal blow is unleashed upon his worshiper.
Banished from his mother?s garden for befouling her prize roses, En?stah was adopted by his mother?s sister Dubya-tea Eff. Dubya-tea Eff recognized and encouraged En?stah?s sadism, especially when it came to tormenting his sister. This encouragement is why, to this day, when his death blow is delivered, the victim can be heard cursing ?En?stah! Dubya-tea Eff!?.
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Posted by Vexorg at Apr 3, 2005 1:58:00 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Booch (Lesser demon)

Although a trickster at heart, Booch bears a millenia-old grudge against Bling, and seeks to foil his works at every turn. To mortals, the works of Booch are most often manifest in the form of what appear to be tiny mistakes, which start a slippery slope leading to often disastrous consequences. Booch spends most of his time following [URL=]Ess Eff[/url] around and bedeviling those who are driven to conflict. A defeated pirate has been known to curse the names of [URL=]Breaker[/url] or [URL=]Teeming[/url] in their defeat, but fail to recognize that it may have been Booch to blame for their downfall. Booch has also been the bane of the followers of Kharp, Bilj, Sayhl and Naav as well. Fortunately for mortals at sea, an actual visit from Booch is rare. Unfortunately for them, it is because they often do not need the help to make a pig's breakfast of their work. Although he has little power to physically affect the actions of mortals, for some unknown reason, he can occasionally reverse the course of a ship at sea.
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Posted by Dylan at Apr 3, 2005 4:01:14 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Dylan (Welsh God - how much better does it get?)

Dylan (or Dylan Eil Ton; sea in Welsh) is a sea-god in Welsh mythology, a son of Arianrhod and Gwydion. He is sometimes said to be a god of darkness.

He was the first of Arianrhod's twins to be born. Since the moment of his birth the golden-haired Dylan was able to swim in the ocean like a fish, and he therefore received the epithet Eil Ton (Son of the Wave). His twin brother was Llew Llaw Gyffes.

He was killed by his uncle, Govannon, who didn't know who he was. It was said that his death caused all the waves of the sea to mourn his loss.

Dylan was miraculously resurrected by Cleavage, goddess of breasts, in the mid-17th Century Carribean, but Booch, for a lark, had him forget his noble heritage. It was only when he beat the unintoxicatable lesser demon Yarrgrog in a drinking match lasting for three and a half months that he was not a mortal.

Despite winning this epic drinking match, which left the other pirates on Tortuga rumless for a months, he soon succumbed to the dreaded lurgie, perhaps infected by Yarrgrog's sister Grogette. Like many ancient gods, he can now only become corporeal in the presence of large amounts of impure water, be it salty or alcoholic. Impure women are also rumoured to be the occasionally beneficiaries of Dylan's blessings, but both his clerics and lawyers categorically deny this slanderous smear.

It is further rumoured that Dylan finds it easier to enter virtual worlds than corporeal ones, but again, this is strongly denighed by his PR people.

Clerics of Dylan receive the following benefits:
Immunity to intoxication.
Swim in salt water and alcohol at twice normal speed. Three times as fast with mouth open.
Eat raw fish, seaweed, and also chocolate and ice-cream with no limit. Simultaneously if desired.
Free casting of 'projectile vomiting' once per day.

Lawyers of Dylan receive the following benefits:
Immunity to expectoration aimed at the lawyer.
(No other benefits - the above is enough)
Reading works of Ess Eff unfortunatly blinds these lawyers. Oh wait - all lawyers.


Posted by Anonymous at Apr 3, 2005 9:43:34 PM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Kharp Entrhee (Major goddess)

Eldest Daughter of the great gods Seebat Ell and Deuteepus Ell she is the most sophisticated of her kin, Bilj (who is reliant on Kharp) and Sayhl (who is reliant on Bilj). Kharp and her half sister Naav (Daughter of Dueteepus Ell and Zpeydop) do not particularly care for eachother, yet the relationship Naav has with Sayhl is the reason why Kharp must always be allowed in the realm of Schyp. Kharp's purpose in the realm of Schyp is to smite the demonspawns of Khyanhon (called 'oles) from destroying the realm and sending it's mortal inhabitents (the Pyre Rats) from going to the neatherworld of Khlub-khlub. The tricky demon booch, however, is always lurking in the background trying to thwart Kharp's noble cause.

Posted by Anonymous at Apr 7, 2005 4:10:56 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Awww I killded it.

Posted by BehindCurtai at Apr 7, 2005 5:38:09 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Actually, I'm working on an entry for Bso' Death.
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Posted by DrunknBfly at Apr 7, 2005 6:58:14 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Damthachese - lower god (ha!)

God of flatulence, Damthachese holds court in the secret shrine Lyll' Pirates' Rhum, of whom many speak, but no pirate has ever seen. A caprious and fickle god, he demands that his worshippers pay homage to him at shifting times, even if they are in the midst of sacrificing to Ess Eff in her garden, T'hurknee. He is married to the goddess of unforseen circumstance, Beyarbae.
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Posted by lucky2bme at Apr 7, 2005 7:07:14 AM
Bling (greater god)
Known to switch between sides when it is more beneficial
the only time he loses is when he plays complete destruction with his wife Ess Eff and his best friend jerduke the bawler brawler

Posted by bigbeltbart at Apr 9, 2005 6:49:15 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Dubya-tea Eff (lesser goddess)

Goddess of misfortune and confusion. Dubya-tea Eff is exceedingly jealous of her sister Ess Eff, whom she believes has an undue amount of worshippers. In a brilliant plan to undermine her sister's divine power, Dubya-tea Eff adopted her nephew En'stah to focus his destructive force against those who follow Ess Eff.

It is a curious fact that Dubya-tea Eff is only invoked after things have gone south, as if the mortal was unaware of her meddling presence until the killing blow. She is commonly invoked with her consort, Oehmjee.

Posted by stefsorceror at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Pee Vi-Pi (forgotten god)

In his old days, he was very popular, and was seen as the biggest friend of Bling. However, over time Bling betrayed him and they became sworn enemies. Another enemy of Pee Vi-Pi is Brige'ant and they often have fights. However, for some reason Ess Eff and En'stah like him and when he is in a sad mood, they, Dubya-tea Eff and Booch help him out. His best friends are Dubya-tea Eff and Booch. While some people think he is related to Seebat All, but he has no known family. For some reason, everybody forgot about this god, even the other gods except for Brige'ant, Ess Eff, En'stah, Dubya-tea Eff and Booch

I'll get all the links in later on....
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