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Posted by camero56 at Mar 28, 2011 5:13:49 AM
A Flag Cup Tournament
similar to the football/soccer ( if your american ) world cup, actully identcial in the lay out of the world cup finals, in that rather than nations the flags set out to beat each other in a winner takes all group stage into knockout tournament.

if your unfamiliar id go on wikipedia

the qualifying would be based on a reputation level, if a flag isnt thinking about taking part, then they can drop out and let the next one in the queue join into the group stages.

itd be non-sinking limited to maximum WB. unless peoples decide otherwise.

the group stages matches would be best of 5 rounds, and the knockout stages best of 7

i just thought blockades should be celebrated a lot more its a quite genius thing you've made there puzzle pirates, you should put more PvP events onto it.

The Smaller Version

the euro/US/eastern sloop master's tour as hosted by " anyone willing to add money or a familiar or something to the pot"
- to avoid time zone clashes im sure if people want to enter all 3 they will be able to find the crews of people

the same tournament could also be done using just a 7-man sloop
with each with with a 100k/200k/whatever the teams will hapily go up to, buy in, because it starts with group stages and the top 2 in each group only go through, all it does is increase the pot for the oens who reach further into the tournament, meaning the tournament can be done with as few as 16 ship entries ( 16x7

rules are:

- all matches are recorded in 2 separate parts. the sea battle and the fray. by a member of each of the crews, if people are finding this ruins your pc, have 2 print screens, one at the beginning of the fray, and the 2nd at the end,

i want videos because of how cool battle navigation is, and i reckon if you are going to subscribe that is one of the main reasons, to dream and become a captain.

it also allows to see DR's

- all the sloops and battles are held at 1 island,

- scores are based on the sea battle scores, and the fray scores, from photographic evidence from the battle videos

- you can only grapple when one of the ships are maxed ( for fray board) no sinking.

- 15 fine rum and 40 cannon balls for each ship, lower the amount if people stall.

- you cannot enter 2 ships as the officer, you cannot be a member of 2 teams, unless it is a separate tournament.

at the end of the tournament the pot is split upon proportionate takes, and the winners are given whatever 7 winners normally get, a portrait trinkets,

and the player of the tournament to be given a familiar,

and the captain/bnavver to be given a named olympian/gladiators/champion's sloop, which dosent exsist but i hope this tournament takes off so well it becomes a half a yearly event.
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Posted by SirCarl67 at Mar 28, 2011 8:21:59 AM
Re: A Flag Cup Tournament
Sorry if this seems like a negative post but I can't see this happening unless the prize is huge.

The biggest problem I see with this is the cost of taking part.

To get to the final you will need to fund 7 blockades (4 of which up to 7 rounds).

It is only fair to pay the jobbers reasonably so I will work on 500 per seg which is on a par with a pillage open to all with a decent navver. I will also assume that there are 100 jobbers on each side (you could get less especially if you held matches simultaniously but in my opinion the less people involved in a blockade the less skill is involved and the more that is based on jobber numbers. (A WB against a WB and a sloop will strongly favour the team with the sloop as it can sit on a 3 point flag and for one WB to outscore the other by 3 points a turn is virtually impossible, I now there are alternatives such as make it a WB and a sloop agains a Baghlah and a sloop but all such permutations are equally difficult)

100 jobbers being paid 500 per seg equates to 250k per round. Stock would make this about 300k If you average 4 rounds a match the group stages will cost 3.6M plus the cost of stock. Getting to the final would make that around 10 million. Not many flags could afford such an cost to enter an event certainly not 32.

There are other issues that are probably manageable. You would need to have a neutral way of deciding the time of the event. If a European dominated flag competes against a US dominated flag the timing of the eventwould be critical to the outcome.

It is not unknown for two flags to set up a training blockade to blood new blockade navvers / JCs / Admirals but they are relatively rare because of the cost. Trying to get 32 flags to commit to up to 7 such blockades will prove very difficult. Make 1st prize Admiral on Sage (or your oceans equivalent) and you might be able to get a reasonable level of interest though even then I suspect it would be 8 to 16 flags. Or alliances might negotiate which flag in their ring will be their contender (resulting in 2 to 4 entries)
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Posted by camero56 at Mar 28, 2011 11:12:39 AM
Re: A Flag Cup Tournament
perhaps after winning a blockade you could be refunded the costs minus the money used for paying the jobbers, that would reduce the cost, and what is wrong with a massive prize for first place,

if people know what timezone the flags are in perhaps they could set it it up to be fair.
my pirates name is Triumph

Posted by SirCarl67 at Mar 28, 2011 4:24:41 PM
Re: A Flag Cup Tournament
Are you thinking of this as a player run event or as an OM run event.

Artemis said in in the Forum purpose and guidlines

Yohoho! This be the place fer planning and discussing events that you're thinking o running! Rules are simple:

I am aware of a lot of posts in the forum for ideas for OM run events I do not know if they take on board these ideas.

If you are thinking of it as a player run event and have the resources to make it a success great. To cover the time zone issue I would suggest that you fix a time for all matches (either a time you think is convenient to the most players or to spread it around a bit such as all the 1st round group stage thkes place at midnight game time, the 2nd round at 8am and the 3rd round at 4pm), though if BOTH monarchs agree the start time can be changed.

If you are thinking of the event being run by the OMs they will be concerned about inflation. If they magic up large quantities of poe doubloon prices will rise as pirates will have more poe and will be able to use them to purchse doubloons. Replenishing stock will upset the IMs and distillers who rely on rum an CB sales.

Maybe this could be used to award a flag an island due for opening though they probsbly have their own ideas.
Apollo tells ye "If you're ok for me to do one [bake-off], I'll go with that."

Posted by camero56 at Apr 9, 2011 3:54:54 AM
Re: A Flag Cup Tournament

Maybe this could be used to award a flag an island due for opening though they probsbly have their own ideas.

perfect, it should be a special occasion for the best of the best,

and if we cant get enough people, can brigand kings take part, or would we just have "byes".

yes i think the 2 flags should arrange the time in which they battle, and if they cannot decide within a certain amount of time, and havent sent messengers from both sides then the original time should be used
my pirates name is Triumph

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