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Posted by Dadagnos2 at Aug 13, 2010 1:39:16 AM
Looking for crafting puzzle threads (Complaint about forum's transparancy)
Harrrr!!! I've been searching the forum for ages it seems, but I cannot find what I'm looking for!
Initially I was just searching for more info about the craftingpuzzle contest; maybe the original post about this, and the followups...
Shouldn't be to hard ye say, eh? *me pulls several hairs out of his sideburns* IT IS!!!
How come this forum has no clean searchfunctions available? If ye're looking for a specific thread ye receive at least hundreds of threads that have NOTHING te do with what ye're looking for... I even think a lot of the threads I found we're allready dead.

Ok, enough with my frustrations: is there anyone who can help me find all the info about the craftingpuzzle competition? I need to know specifications and ofcourse a list of all the prototypes / raw ideas that allready were posted. And please don't just stop by this thread to tell me I need to search for it on the forums... XD I would most likely start wandering my neighbourhood slicing people up with a skulldagger and/or a stick... maybe even rumble them up with a fish....

Thanks in advance, yours truely,

Dada holds the one and only peanut!

PS. Why do english speaking people refer to peeing as to "taking a piss" instead of "giving a piss"?...

Posted by tanonev at Aug 13, 2010 1:44:45 AM
Re: Looking for crafting puzzle threads (Complaint about forum's transparancy)
GCPP Forum:

GCPP Round 3 proposals that were fully implemented:

Complete list of GCPP proposals:

Help for searching in the future:

Keep in mind that the threads are all "dead" because GCPP Round 3 (the final round) ended 2 years ago, and we are now awaiting a decision from OOO on the furnishing puzzle. No more proposals are being considered.
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