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Posted by Scragpot at Feb 6, 2010 2:49:16 PM
Trinket Inscriptions
A question was asked on greeter whether you can format trinket inscriptions by using things like bold and italics, and I automatically said no, because Ive never seen it done, and it's not on the yppedia, nor does it seem possible to achieve in-game.

Can anyone answer this? If you can format them, how? Thanks!
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Posted by LJAmethyst at Feb 6, 2010 4:15:14 PM
Re: Trinket Inscriptions
We're in my shoppe messing around with a fruitcake, and so far we've found that <b> <i> and <u> work; <font> and <h1> don't work, although we know that people have managed larger font sizes on trinkets before.

HTML entities sort of work: a player with Windows XP sees the raw HTML for some, while players on Vista and Linux can see most of them, while a couple seem wonky: &euro; doesn't work for anyone, and there's something wrong with &rho; the Greek letter, I couldn't get it to work in the middle of a word. XP users couldn't see any Greek letters.

I pasted in a Sanskrit verse written in Devanagari, and even the XP player could see it, so if you can input foreign languages in any way, these should show up without intervention.
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Posted by Jcmorgan6 at Dec 12, 2016 9:13:57 AM
Re: Trinket Inscriptions
6 Year bump, but it was the only thread I could find on this topic...

Size is done like this, a number from 1 to 9. (0 works but it's just size 1)
<font size=6> Text Here</font>
You must have a space separating your '>' and the text or else it breaks.

This can be combined with bold Italics or underlined commands, again as long you get your spacing right.
<font size=6> <b>Text Here</b></font>

Is that the full list of commands?

*Edited, spacing only seems to matter after(but not before) the font command, it's unnecessary with b/i/u
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Posted by budclare2 at Dec 25, 2016 1:27:13 AM
Re: Trinket Inscriptions
Color works, too, but only these 16 colors. Color's even a bit quirkier than size, though, so you can't start the inscription with the colored text; the colored text needs to be pushed off the line that 'Note: "' is on because you can't have two colors on the same line.

Eight characters plus the blank space works:
12345678 <font color=purple> texty goodness </font>

And so does using empty bold tags to eat up the space:
<b> </b> <font color=purple> texty goodness </font>

You can do two colors, but not easily, given the weird spacing requirements (you again need to push the new color onto a separate line, hence the extra spaces) and the limit of 100 characters:
<b> </b> <font color=purple> texty </font>   <font color=blue> goodness </font>

You can do size and font together, but you seem to have to use separate tags (losing more characters) and size has to come first to provide the buffer before the color change:
<font size=7> <font color=purple> texty goodness </font> </font>

And of course, the font tag does wacky things to the space between lines. So, probably not worthwhile most of the time. :(

The best I've managed so far is using something fancy for the buffer at the beginning and using it again at the end to make it look not-weird, but there's still some spacing shenanigans:
???????? <font color=purple> <b>Team Purple-Evil</b> <i>Joining forces!</i> </font> ????????????

(This really needs pictures. Maybe later.)

/e did not mean to spend this much time on this. O_o

EDIT: Those question marks were hearts when I pasted them in. :(
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