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Posted by uppy_pay at Feb 12, 2009 4:12:30 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate/Ocean: Kattles of Cobalt
Submission: 'The Puzzled Pirate' A puzzle page
Content: Puzzles include, Jumble, 'Pira'doku, Target Words, Cryptic Crossword and Quiz

Preview (it's huuuuuuge):

Full page:
Link to Full Page

Good luck to all to all the entries, and i'll post the answers page on the entry forum in a few days! =)

Kattles, where it counts. (Cerulean)

Posted by kean2312 at Feb 12, 2009 5:18:53 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Oceans :Viridian ocean

Type of publication item: Cover art

Prizes preference:
1.The Love Boat Package
2.A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
3.The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
4. Other Deliciousness
5.The Prize Flapper Package

linked here

Posted by practitioner at Feb 12, 2009 8:50:48 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Delores on Sage ocean
Photo stories
Prize order as list for competiton

You come home to find that this is what your pirate husband has been busy doing while you were not on line.

direct link

As Sharkiez has not been on for a while due to being busy with other things and just so that I would not miss him too much he left me this.

Direct link

I must say it was a lovely surprise most unexpected and I loved it, so I just wanted to share it with you.
Delores of Emerald ocean.

Always yield to temptation, because it may not pass your way again.

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

Posted by SirCarl67 at Feb 12, 2009 10:47:38 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate names: Janepeg and Cupid* (any prize to Janepeg)
Ocean: Sage
Type of Item: Celebraty Interview
Prize preference order:
1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Love Boat Package
3. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
4. The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
5. Other Deliciousness

*Note Janpeg and Cupid are alts on the same account

Exclusive Interview: The life of Cupid, King of Hearts

The busiest person around this time of year must surely be Cupid, shooting his bow to inspire love at this the most romantic of seasons. Our correspondent Janepeg tracked him down on Sage ocean and he graciously agreed to answer a few questions.

Janepeg: You are most well-known for your prowess at hearts, how did you get to become so good?
Cupid: I have made a career out of finding the right person for each heart. Each one goes to the pirate I select. I also make sure that the each black lady finds someone to be together with.

Janepeg: What about that bow of yours how does that work?
Cupid: Only once have I missed and that was a long time ago when I accidentally shot myself in the foot. My shooting accuracy also applies to guns making me one of the best gunners on the ocean.

Janepeg: I hear you are quite an apothecary do you make love potions?
Cupid: The Gods have not enabled me to produce a love potion, I have to rely on my bow and arrows. However, there are many potions I can produce that can help. I have potions than can remove the most horrendous scars of pirate life, while many find those injuries proof of being a brave pirate others find them unattractive. My potions will make your body as unblemished as a new born greenie. If your partner is tired of your old look or you are trying to attract the attention of someone who is only attracted to well-tanned blonds I can also produce potions to give you a complete cosmetic make-over.

Janepeg: What is your advice to our readers to maintain there relationship?
Cupid: Accept is wont always be plain sailing but strike while the iron is hot when it is, work hard to repair the relationship before the damage gets too bad, know where you are going together and carefully navigate a true course to get there and when they do something wrong deal out forgiveness in spades.

Janepeg: What would you recommend for those in relationships that have become strained?
Cupid: There will always be times when you get into fights whether you are on land or all at sea. My advice would be to let your partner win, if you really love them you would prefer them to have the joy of winning than to have it yourself.

Janepeg: What are your views on alcohol?
Cupid: While drinking can take away the some of the inhibitions of attracting a partner, having too much will just make you an embarrassment and drastically reduce your performance. The key is to only drink in moderation.

Janepeg: Is there anything to avoid completely?
Cupid: If you want love never touch bilge, it will only pour cold water over the relationship.
Apollo tells ye "If you're ok for me to do one [bake-off], I'll go with that."

Posted by lilymoon at Feb 12, 2009 1:47:25 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Faeree of Sage

Featured ARRRticle: Recipes for Love

Page One- large image | Page Two- large image

RL proof: Not sure what is needed/required but here the info about the creation of this article. All of the writing/photos were created by me. The food I cooked (yes, w/out burning myself or my house down!:P) and photographed. The couple is me and my boyfriend and the beach I took while in CA during Xmas time (yus! NO snow!). I then drew over/photo-manipulated the photographs to look a bit more like drawings (as I don't imagine pirates used camera's :P). I also tried to create items that I thought were piratey both in game, like the daisy trinket, and in RL. As some of the photos were not created for this contest, I only have the food one's with a name tag. Here's my RL photos.

Awesome event! I had a lot of fun :D

Prize order:
The Prize Flapper Package
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
The Love Boat Package
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
Other Deliciousness
Faeree ~ Illustrious Wanderer on all oceans ~
Avvie by Tilinka!
Apollo wrote: 
(Is it wrong that I'm now just a tiny bit in love with Faeree's brother?)

Posted by Danlord99 at Feb 12, 2009 1:51:34 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Name/Ocean: Danlord/Malachite
Type of Article: Magazine Cover
Prize Preference Order: Order Listed in Contest Post

Posted by necro13 at Feb 12, 2009 4:29:16 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Name: Sanjih
Ocean: Viridian
Type of entry: Puzzles Page
Prize Preference: As listed

Here is my (rather large) entry

Enjoy! And know that I wasted a few hours on this XD.

Also, sorry for the bad quality letters in the crossword. I'm reaalllly busy and don't have time to totally redo it and fix it. :(

Also, it's much better-looking at full-size, so make sure to click "full size" after you click the link!
Sanjih of Viridian

Avatar by Megalomaniac

Posted by sylvia404 at Feb 13, 2009 12:00:00 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Brittaney on Viridian

Posted by kgarrett1969 at Feb 13, 2009 7:33:57 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate: Hawkings
Ocean: Viridian
Publication Type: Travel Information

Cultists, Cadavers and Cuddling
By Hawkings

With secluded beaches, cozy rustic cabins and plenty of activities for even the most cantankerous of pirates, the Ominous Cove of Delirium has long been an overlooked treasure of the oceans. Nestled far off normal pillaging and trade routes, you'll not find a more maudlin location to take your sweetheart to this Valentine's Day for a romantic getaway.

Your amorous adventure begins as you approach the lush beaches. The first thing that you and your mate will experience is the cool mist that wrap the picturesque island. Taking in the intoxicating aromas will beg you to find a quiet corner in which to hold your trembling mate tightly and give yourselves over to eternity. Within moments of being sighted, many exuberant natives will sail out to greet you as you and your valentine vigorously set to work to quickly land your craft in paradise. As you make your way through the flotilla of saluting rafts, sloops and cutters, some of the natives will offer to come aboard and help with duty stations and if you choose some are even willing become a thrall to your companion during your visit, and who wouldn't want their very own thrall for Valentine's Day?

Once you two lovebirds have enjoyed an intimate time sailing to the reticent beach you will be vigorously greeted by a friendly group of natives that will lead you in a traditional island dance. Once you have taken part in this ritual you and your truelove will have time check in and explore your surroundings. You both will love the cozy rustic shack that will serve as your accommodations during your visit.

There are plenty of activities for you and your beloved to enjoy intimately together. Activities include taking part in native death dances, participating in cultist rituals, foraging through the local shops for souvenirs, or just exploring the cove hand in hand with your sweetheart. If you are fortunate, your host, Vargas the Mad, will appear to greet you and lead you in a punishing ritual dance or two. Don't worry about missing any of island's activities however, because the friendly natives will faithfully announce all opportunities to join their dances and rituals.

Before you leave don't for get to pick up some souvenirs for your valentine. The island gift shop is full trinkets and souvenirs that will stop the heart of your significant other. Souvenirs include bundles of hemlock, cursed effigies, jars of homunculus, masks, native spears, jewelry and much, much more. And, don't forget to pick up an exclusive t-shirt or sweatshirt in traditional islander colors before returning to civilization.

This Valentine's day surprise your truelove with an adventure that will give the two of you a chance to spend some intimate time together. The Ominous Cove of Delirium is the perfect locale for an romantic getaway and once the two of you have visited you may find you never want to leave. Trips to the cove fill up fast so don't miss your chance and get your reservations made today. It will be a romantic tryst that you and your valentine will not soon forget.

Prize Preference Order:

1) The Prize Flapper Package
2) Prizes including Rare Furniture
3) Prizes including Trinkets
4) The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
5) The Love Boat Package
6) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
7) Other Deliciousness
Fleet Officer of Silver Dragons
Citizen of Meridian

Apollo wrote, "Hawkings has changed my life. ;)"

Posted by Scootdawg at Feb 13, 2009 9:30:53 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Here's my entry. It's a full page ad that would run in the magazine.

I am Scootdawg on the Sage Ocean.

Prize order: Flapper, Boat, Home, Picture, Deliciousness

Thank you,


Posted by draton at Feb 13, 2009 11:04:54 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Silkpjs - Viridian Ocean
Humourous Article

Prize order :

The Prize Flapper Package
A parrot in gorgeous hues (magenta and rose), and a fancy ribbon to match.

The Love Boat Package
A dreamy ocean-worthy vessel; the ultimate romantic baghlah, painted and furnished with impeccable taste.

The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
A romantic cottage of your own, with interior design and furniture lovingly dictated by Cleaning Lady Doris on the theme of Valentine's Day.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
A pair of matching Valentine's-themed outfits for a special couple and a two-person Valentine's portrait to commemorate the occasion.

Other Deliciousness
Other prizes as appropriate! There may be pink involved, I think it's only fair to warn you.

The Love Bug
It’s that time of year again. Christmas has come and gone, leaving us with a bad taste in our coffers. The sales are over. And now, rushing towards us with open arms comes Valentines.
Pirates everywhere are already being affected by the, piratically confirmed, affliction that attaches itself to the Valentines season. The ‘Love Bug’.
The love bug is an unfortunate affliction that causes those affected to, almost literally, see pink. Other symptoms include a semi-permanent dazed grin on their face and a very un-piratey sense of overall happiness.
Some famous pirates who have been seen to have caught the love bug are; Apollo (although it’s quite hard to tell) and everyone’s favourite madman, Vargas, who has been spotted sporting a rather fetching pink/white number, with love hearts braided into his hair.
Due to the lack of known cures, the love bug spreads like wildfire during the Valentines season until almost all pirates, on every ocean, have been infected. Making everywhere seems a happier place, for the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.
Some misery-guts (to use the technical term) are naturally immune to the love bug, wearing dour faces and funeral-esk outfits of various mixes of browns, blacks and greys. While not a cure for the bug, misery-guts can be used as a preventative measure from the bug, as one misery-guts standing near you will create a large area in which your love stricken fellows will avoid at all costs.
So remember this Valentines season, if you feel an urge to buy yourself that lovely pink outfit, or if you start becoming happy all of a sudden, remember, you can just let yourself go and join your poor, helpless, love fuelled pirate brethren or run to the nearest misery-guts and never leave their side.
Whatever you decide to do, the love bug mysteriously disappears on the 15th of February, so whatever your choice of action you’ll be back to your normal, miserable, pirate self.
Glacial - Meridian
Hielo - Emerald
Starscream - Obsidian

Nemesis says, "I think I found the problem."
Nemesis says, "You're a Decepticon."
Starscream says, "I've changed :("
Nemesis says, "They all say that.

Posted by Mintyrose at Feb 13, 2009 1:43:59 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate Name: Mintyrose
Ocean: Sage
Type of publication item: Advice Column
Prize preference order:

1) The Prize Flapper Package
2) The Love Boat Package
3) The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
4) Other Deliciousness
5) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package

Ask Captain Knowsey!

Candy for the pirate soul!

Mutiny Ahoy!

Dear Captain Knowsey,

Alas! My crew has treacherously deceived me…they who I thought to be my mates have stabbed a knife in my back with a smile on their wicked faces. Let me explain, they be my crewmates, my senior officers my confidantes and now my arch enemies (I swear by my falchion!) those traitors! I was gone for a couple of weeks on a vacation to the Bahamas with my (prettier than Calypso) wife and hence I left my crew in the care of my senior officer (two faced weasel) Carambola. However when I returned back(rejuvenated and tanned), I found that Carambola along with the other Senior officers had declared mutiny against me and my crew was now oligarchic and taken over by them. Now I am left crewless, friendless, sad and fuming to roam these waters! I want revenge! I cannot stop thinking about how I was deceived and tricked by that evil Carambola! Please help me!

*Captain(no more) Billimoreya
(ex)Crew – Forever Together - Sage Ocean

Dear Billimoreya,

Mate you need to get a grip on your emotions! Your anger will cloud your judgment, try to make light of the day. Carambola was evil in taking your crew but then you were gullible enough too in trusting your crew with the wrong person. Forgive but do not forget! Start a new crew, make it even better and bigger than your earlier crew….then there’s always PvP….ah revenge is sweet! After all you are a pirate!

Alas! My Marooned Heart!

Dear Knowsey,

My boyfriend has deserted me for another woman! I be a lovelorn lady with a broken heart. I cannot stop thinking about him. Everything reminds me of him. From the inns we used to frequent to the quiet sloop rides by the sea with the fresh sea wind in our faces. I cannot get him out of my mind. He tells me he loves me no more but alas! My piratey heart beats only for him. How do I get him back? Please help!

Senior Officer
Crew- Divine Intervention – Hunter Ocean

Dear Lovesickluna,

I feel your pain being a lady myself. Ever heard of the phrase ‘If you really love someone let them go’? Completely untrue! So let your man know how much you love him and adore him. Men especially pirates need to be reminded too about how much they are loved and appreciated! And what better time to do this then Valentine’s Day! Write him a love poem reminding him of those good times, bake him an enchanted cake (recipe in this issue) and let him know that he is the only one who can blockade your heart!

My Love For Poker Be My Bane!

Dear Captain Knowsey,

I was once a rich pirate but now be a pauper….and my arch nemesis be poker. Poker made me rich but it quickly became an addiction. I just cannot stop gambling. Poker has become a necessity and I am sinking to saddening lows for the PoE. From selling furniture and personal belongings to borrowing from friends I have tried it all just for the PoE and ended up alienating myself from my friends and crew. Today I lost my girlfriend because of poker and owe huge debts to my friends and crew members, but I still cannot stop gambling! Please help!

Senior Officer
Crew – Crisp Noodles – Viridian Ocean

Dear Poepike,

I understand your predicament having indulged in poker myself….ahem! However you have to understand that like everything else in life, with poker also - moderation is the key. So try to limit the amount of PoE you spend on poker but first and it’s a big FIRST you need to pay back the debt you owe to people who were kind enough to help you with the PoE. I suggest doing this by channelising all your energy and attention towards what we pirates do best and are born to do – pillaging. Use your battle navigating skills to plunder loots from the seas and slowly but surely pay your friends back because nothing in this world …no addiction is worth losing your friends over. Because pirates we may be and PoE we may crave for but a pirate’s real treasures are his friends and crew mates!

Happy Valentine’s Day all! May your Seas be Steady and Ships be Safe! Fair winds!
- Captain Knowsey

*(Note: All pirate and crew names are fictitious. Any resemblance to any pirates living or dead is purely coincidental.)

- Mintyrose on Sage

Posted by Malatise at Feb 13, 2009 2:37:20 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Malatise of Cobalt

Publication type: Theater (Play) Review

Prize preference order:
Prize Flapper
Love Boat
Heart is where the home is
Picture is worth a thousand words
Other deliciousness


Ahoy me mateys! Valentine's Day is fast approachin, and I know that many of you are scrambling to find something that will impress that young lass of yours. Why not show her the sweet, sensitive side of your barnacled heart and take her to one of the many shows being performed on the Cobalt Ocean. These reviews of only some of the shows being performed will hopefully help you make your decision. They're only a whisk away!

A War Brig Named Desiarr

Now, I have some questions. 1. Is 'Desiarr' even a valid rename? 2. What kind of pirate name is 'Stanley', anyway? And finally, 3. What kind of wench wouldn't want a drunk, murderous blaggard as a husband? Take her to see this play and find out what happens with Stanley and the two wenches in his life, and see how a REAL pirate should act! Being performed on a ship docked at Napi Peak. Space is limited.

A Midsummer Night's Docktart

Captain Helena is in love with Cabin Boy Demetrius, but he's in love with Officer Hermia. And Officer Hermia is in love with Pirate Lysander! Talk about yer steamy love... circle! In fact, things get so heated between these four pirates that the OMs decide to intervene, and with interesting consequences. Come see what happens for these pirates and their chat circle in A Midsummer Night's Docktart. Being performed on the docks of Dragon's Nest.

South Cobalt

Arr, like a bit o' music, do ye? Well, then, take yer lady friend to see the musical South Cobalt! The story of a group of pirates and lasses who are trying to colonize a small remote island, but things change when one of the pirates falls in love with a local native and one of the lasses falls for the would-be-governor. With such musical numbers as "Gonna Wash That BK Right Outta My Hair", and "There Is Nothin' Like a Wench" you're guaranteed to have fun! Being performed on Windward Vale.


Finally, we have the musical XxoAnnieoxx, also known as "Little Greenie Annie". The tale of a lonely greenie, whose only wish is to have a crew to belong to, and a Captain to love her. But XxoAnnieoxx gets more then she bargained for when one day, the richest Captain of the most famous crew on the ocean takes a shine to her, and decides to let her join. With musical numbers like "Let's Go To Atlantis", and "Yer Never Fully Dressed Without Some Poe" this musical is sure to tug at the heartstrings of even the toughest pirate. Being performed at Tigerleaf Mountain.
Malatise, SO of Flirts and Damsels
Lady of Wench
Cobalt Ocean

Fabulous Puppetar by Tilinka! :D

Posted by puppy1254170 at Feb 13, 2009 3:04:40 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate: Missjessica
Ocean: Sage
Item: Advertisement

Final Ad (2-pg)
"Pg. 10"
"Pg. 11" (there is a typo in this one...The last one, the VIP one, it should say "Offered from 120,000.." not 12,000)
Scanned in Letters

And just to clarify, this is an ad for a Cruise.

Prize Order:
•Flapper Package
•Home Package
•Boat Package
•Picture Package
•Others Package
Missjessica on Sage Emerald

Avatar by Kolibri

Starting back up from square one. *Sigh*

Posted by anchovygirl at Feb 13, 2009 4:51:42 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate: Anchovia
Ocean: Viridian
Item: Article

Front page:


Familiar specialists at Pork'n Bean Zoo on Lima island have issued an official warning this week to all familiar owners about a highly contagious bug. An increasing number of familiar owners have sent /tells to the specialists expressing their concern about their familiar's 'abnormal' behaviour. Parrot owners have noticed their birds flying in a delirious manner, one owner said, "I let my parrot fly around for a while, to stretch its wing, however it ended up flying all over the place and straight into a tree!" Monkey owners have reported that when their monkey was given a coconut it would immediately carve a heart into it. Octopi owners have found themselves covered in red ink which their slimy friends continue to squirt at them.

Eyebrows are being raised as to what exactly is the cause of this unusual behaviour, however, only one man knows and that is Doctor H.R.T Lurve. He informed us that what the familiars are suffering from is what is known as the "Love bug". The bug originates from the fog surrounding Vargas the Mad's cursed isles. Some have claimed that his love for all things frenetic was what made this fog. Symptoms of this bug include sporadic behaviour, inability to make any sound and insomnia. Some familiars may also demand that their owners recolour them to red, pink, rose, magenta or maroon.

However, it's not only our shoulder warmers that seem to have contracted this bug. A crew of six officers engaged the monkey boat (also known as MONKEE BOTE) only to be faced with sprinkles of hearts and chocolate instead of swords during their swordfight.

Dr Lurve said that the "love bug" will only last until the 15th of Feburary and that familiars will return to their normal behaviour. It seems that love is not only in the air, but on our shoulders during this amorous season.

Posted by Horizonn at Feb 13, 2009 6:48:22 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate name: Badnews
Ocean: Cobalt
Item: Obituary

Prize order:
Flapper Package
Love Boat Package
Picture Package
Home Package

Edward Teach the Sixth, or Six as he was called by family and friends, the last known remaining descendant of the notorious pirate, Blackbeard, passed on to piratey heaven on Friday, February 13, 2009 at his estate on Napi Peak.

After Blackbeard's death and beheading by Robert Maynard off the coast of North Carolina, his family took refuge on the Cobalt Ocean. They scattered among the islands with Edward the Sixth's branch of the Teach clan settling on Tigerleaf Mountain.

Six was born in a simple but well-cared for cottage. His father worked at the local iron monger while his mother took in work for
the many tailors on the island. The young lad and his sister, Ariadna, would roam the island daily dreaming of the fabled treasure of their great-great-great grandfather Blackbeard.

When Six turned twelve he was given his first sloop. He and Ariadna would sail from dawn to dusk reliving the glorious tales that had been passed down through the years about the infamous Blackbeard.

As Six grew older, his ships grew larger. He soon gained a reputation as large as the great Blackbeard himself. He preyed upon the Midnight Ocean and would return with treasure for the inhabitants of Cobalt to enjoy.

In his declining years, Six settled into a comfortable estate on Napi Peak. He never married but it has been rumored that he has several children in different ports across the ocean.

All of his wordly goods have been inherited by his young caretaker, Badnews and the staff of his estate.

Arrangements for his burial have remained private and will not be disclosed to the public.
~~ Badnews ~~

Posted by kostitar at Feb 13, 2009 7:22:53 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate name: Glassmonkey
Ocean: Sage
Publication item: Top Ten list
Prize preference order:
1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Love Boat Package
3. The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
4. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
5. Other Deliciousness


Hear Ye Hear Ye! We present ye th' Top 10 inns on Sage Ocean ter spend th' Valentine's Evening (wi' Yer Deaaaaarrrrest Comrade)

1. The Bermuda Triangle, Scrimshaw Island in Stork Archipelago

Yohoho! Tis be peaceful eventhough easily reached location, simple yet comfortable an' cozy place located on a heart-shaped isle. Thar be nay tourists, an' possible war activity be nay too close ter disturb romantic moments spent together. Earned 1st Krakelin starfish already on th' tide o' Atlantis appearance, now be holdin' th' highest classification o' 5.Absolutely th' top place ter spend Valentine's evenin' wi' yer Ultimate Sweety Pie.

2. Battle Inn of the Republic, Lincoln Island in Gull Archipelago

Guaranteed privacy fer even th' shyest pirates, only occasional ravin' poker fans - perfect fer yer Special Freebooter ter laze! Nay plankin' hazard, menu excellently npp-based wi' a warm breeze o' fresh sea air. Also th' place ter hear thar cannon shots at night. This inn serves th' best rum! (I swear 't!)Ye'd hate ter ever leave.

3. InnFamous, Kasidim Island in Ibis Archipelago

Tis be 'ere ye come when ye want ter experience somethin' different. Donnay let th' first peek fool ye, step on th' aft room an' be amazed - two different styles ter choose from. But hold yer horses, thar be plenty o' good spots ter defend yer Adored One in sudden frays.

4. Gambit, Barbary Island in Ibis Archipelago

Avast! Thar be nice oriental athmosphere, location suggests a hidden booty ter be found. 'em whisper Vargas the Mad ter be wandering 'ere at nights... Accepted payment methods include also pointin' out 'em intrudin' skeletons an' zombies. Tis be suitable ter slice th' mainbrace in companion o' yer #1 Cockswain.

5. Multiplicative Tables, Descartes Isle in Pelican Archipelago

Constant greenie alerts an' rumblin' landlubbers, but rustic looks wi' dusky feelin' make it th' every sea dog's rest port. Easy access on major tables, ye ought t' be tryin' also famous Shanty-A-Longs wi' yer Beloved Corsair. Dedicated old salts be makin' regular visits 'ere, nay candlelight suppers available.

6. Hotel Caravanserai, Caravanserai Island in Ibis Archipelago

Foraged true Gold? Chart yerselves 'ere! Very swabbiealized service, fashionable blue an' atlantean themes. Upstairs t' be opened fer public later on, aft room rented only fer private brawls. Thar ye can blockade yer Illustrious Imperial's wi' love. Nay place fer th' sprogs!

7. Lettuce Inn, Isle of Kent in Gull Archipelago

Everythin' necessary ye be needin' neatly packed on one deck, arrrr! Long bar desk easies th' rush hour's cluster. Slightly ou'-dated decoration but colorful an' lively. Visit iffin ye be plannin' ter suggest yer Valentine t' become yer First Matey (but be sure ter offer th' deed t' yer heart wi' it).

8. Stay for Seconds, Greenwich Island in Pelican Archipelago

Empty roughness appeals ter a certain bunch o' scurvy blaggards, as well discreet staff. Dresscode requires rags or fancy hats - an' shiver me timbers! - peglegs an' pigs nay allowed. Hornswagglers, beware fer th' wrath o' Lelantos thar. Overhaul yer Finest Swashbuckler easily!

9. The Black Knight is Inn-vincible, Bowditch Island in Stork Archipelago

Belay right thar - tis be th' affordable inn fer any thief or beggard an' ter hoist th' Jolly Roger fer lust! Barrels o' rum ter ensure yer enjoyment, a keel t' sat down an' admire yer matey. Narrow selection o' challenger's delights, but grrrrreat place t' scuttle yer Top-Listed Privateer wi' everlasting companionship. Ask fer Map an' Brew specialty.

10. Pause For Thorpe, Blackthorpe Island in Pelican Archipelago

Almost too clist decks an' good order fer th' taste o' plunderin' scallywags, but me be sure ye will get creative wi' yer Fellow Buccaneer t' find a way ter enjoy a jugful or two. Spacious aft room fer more intimate drinkin' needs. Watch ou' fer Stinky Hugh who be worth o' his name.

Posted by impakta at Feb 13, 2009 7:38:25 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Multo from Viridian
Entry type: Cover story (which includes an interview and "paintings" of said interviewees")

Prize preference order:
1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Love Boat Package
3. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
4. The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
5. Other Deliciousness

Widow Queen
Widow Queen Painting
Widow Queen Interview

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Posted by ellopoppet at Feb 13, 2009 7:58:40 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
--Athens of Hunter
--I did a crafting article , because you can't have a article without art!
-- Standard listing is fine for prizes

Link to larger image.

Complete text because the image is far to small to read unless holding the real paper.

This week’s Paper Sword craft is in Honor of the awakening of the Homunculus! Both ghoulish and captivating this creature of the backwoods is on the hunt for heads! That’s why today we are going to be making Shrunken Pirate Heads. Shrunken heads are perfect for killing time on those week long voyages to the Cursed Isle and can be made with items found in nearly every port. As an added bonus these heads can even ward off the greatest beast of them all, Scurvy!
Items you will need:
A few apples- I suggest two
Your handy knife
A large bucket
Sea water, or just table salt and water for Landlubbers
Lemon, lime or pineapple juice
Start by adding water, salt and whatever juice you choose to your bucket. Half a cup of salt and a hefty swig of juice should serve you well.
Next, peel your apples. It’s fine if you leave a bit of peel around the top and bottom; after all we are pirates not artists. When done peeling, dunk your apple in the bucket you already have ready. This will help stop your apple from turning brown and will deter other pirates from eating your craft.
Pull out your knife and carve whatever face you fancy into the now waiting apple. Once done, drop your apple into your waiting bucket and leave the apple bobbing around for 24 hours. Don’t worry if your apples bob around like a flotsam, this is normal.
After your apple has floated about for a day, remove it and find a hot, dry place for it to start shrinking. If you want to speed up the drying process place your apple in the oven at 200F for up to eight hours. Once out of the oven the apple will still need to sit and dry for up to a week.
The last step is to dress up your apple however you fancy. Keep in mind that you only want to use items that won’t rot or ruin your new shrunken head. Good luck pirates!
~Athens~ Hunter

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Posted by BootlegPatch at Feb 13, 2009 8:47:22 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
-Albini from Viridian, posting verry last minute-

Here is my entry for the cover art. I had so much fun with this!
Large size

Prize preference order:
1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
3. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
4. The Love Boat Package
5. Other Deliciousness

*Edit: Updated prize preference order
Albini on Viridian~
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Posted by Mawkawlaw at Feb 13, 2009 9:59:08 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Mawkawlaw; Viridian
-- The Prize Flapper Package
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
The Love Boat Package
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package

--The puzzle is here:

The answers are here:
Makawhawla on Meridian

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Posted by Outsomnia at Feb 13, 2009 11:58:09 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Short story of why because time's almost up.
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This came out.

DeviantArt links because the files are ginormous (sorry >__< no time to edit!).

Page the first

Page the second


1. Prize Flapper
2. Heart is Where the Home
3. Love Boat
4. Picture is Thousand Words
Aisso of Viridian
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Posted by Hera at Feb 14, 2009 12:56:44 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Competition is now closed for new entries. Thank you to all who have entered! I've had a lot of fun looking through them, and I know that the judges will have an extremely hard time selecting the winners!
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