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Posted by muffy at Aug 1, 2003 4:52:45 AM
inter-archipelago maps
Assuming that an island in an archipelago has been colonized and a shipwright built, would it not then be reasonable that that shipwright would also publish maps to other colonized archipelagos? Right now, specifically Guava-Cnossos.
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Posted by Ely at Aug 1, 2003 5:10:55 AM
Re: inter-archipelago maps
I can't find the post, but I am pretty sure Cleaver said that this is coming. Or at least that they were considering it.

Edit: Hmm... This is all I can find.

Cleaver wrote: 
We are considering a change so that shipyards sell maps to their adjacent islands and one hop further, which would basically cover the whole archipelago. But right now, maps need to be pillaged.

It doesn't mention anything about maps to other archipelagos, but it sounds like they are weighing various issues before revising the map sales.

Posted by Cleaver at Aug 1, 2003 8:18:41 AM
Map economy
The whole map economy is sort of partially baked right now. My original idea was that once you sailed a map a bunch of times you could make copies of it -- one per sail... which would ease the -must-pillage-more-to-get-maps-problem.

As many folks know if you coattail me in game I can often be persuaded to give out a free map (like Cnossos - Guava, do not come asking for Pearl or Sapphire maps!)

Posted by garf at Aug 1, 2003 9:05:05 AM
Re: inter-archipelago maps
where did the original "memorize it" idea go? is it still on the list?

i very much liked the idea that once i charted (and sailed) a course several times, i wouldnt need a map for it any more. then, instead of making a copy, i could just trade it away. or i could just use the maps on the ships to memorize.
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