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Posted by farmboy236 at Dec 15, 2017 8:46:43 PM
Blockade Intent: Fintan and Winter
Twas the weekish before Christmas, when all through the house
Only a Major was stirring, looking down Fourteen's blouse;
The stockings were tossed on the floor with abandon,
For Major knew he would soon be a landin;

The pirates were nestled all snug in their palaces,
Not knowing that Major still had plans for their asses;
Ships were moving, stock was flying,
The whisky depleting, and the music blaring;

Soon Krampus Major would be arriving,
with all of those transfers oh so conniving;
Now it matters not, naughty or nice,
your ships will end up below the ice;

Where: Fintan and Winter
When: 20:35 gametime
Why: Merry Christmas
Sinking: Yes
Pay: 1,500 PoE/segment

Yours truly, the mad blockader,

Harr.... no no Majorjr
Majorjr on Cerulean
Littlemenjr on Meridian
Major on Emerald

Aristoza greeter chats, "Hello! I'm an Ocean Master, an administrator of this game. Please shut yer trap"

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