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Posted by Cleaver at Apr 11, 2005 10:22:31 AM
Meet the New Blue Names
As many of you perceptive folks have noticed, we have a bevvy of new OceanMasters in the Dread Ringers. Their names are;

Bia (Goddess of force)
Nemesis (Goddess of divine justice and vengeance)
Clio (Muse of history)
Hypnos (God of sleep)
Dionysus (God of wine and pleasure)
Eurydice (Nymph, wife of Orpheus)
Lelantos (God of being unnoticed)
Prometheus (Titan, made man and brought them fire)
Amphitrite (a Nereid. Wife of Poseidon, Sea Goddess)

Please give them a hearty welcome! They will be finding their feet over the next week or two, but you'll start to see them on duty and soon they will be helping with your queries like old salts.

In addition we are announcing the appointment of Lizthegrey as a dev-intern over the summer. She will also be sporting a blue name, but rather than OceanMasterly business Liz's focus will be on bugs -- helping us to sort through them, and solve more of them. You may get a follow-up email from her from a bug report. Liz will continue her sterling efforts on the technical issues forum.

As a side note we considered having Liz adopt a new name in her official capacity, but decided that this would be transparently obvious as she continued her technical issues work. It also follows our established pattern of properly divine OceanMaster names and improper kitchen-utensil-like names for Developer types.

Posted by Artemis at Oct 3, 2005 6:36:09 AM
Re: Meet the New Blue Names
I'd like to welcome Apollo, God of Light and Truth, who will be joining us from our last set of applicants. Please give him a warm welcome as we get him up to speed during the next few weeks!

Posted by Artemis at Jul 5, 2006 2:42:26 PM
Re: Meet the New Blue Names
Glaucus and Oceanus will be joining us from our latest round of hiring, please give them a hearty welcome and help them to get settled in!

Posted by Artemis at Dec 8, 2006 5:10:37 PM
Re: Meet the New Blue Names
Please welcome our new Oceanmasters Hephaestus and Aphrodite! They will be helping us out on the English oceans.

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