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Posted by Rengor at Jan 15, 2003 5:31:32 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Right, I went thru the maps we have on the ships. Bought a bunch so we have atleast the basic maps (Alpha to x) on all ships.

We have some of the Solstice to x maps too but not enough to cover all ships, and unfortunately a bunch of duplicates.

I spread out the maps according to how much we use the individual ships:

The Guppy has all Alpha maps and all but one Solstice map.

The Hammerhead has all Alpha maps and 3 Solstice maps.

The Hake has all Alpha maps and 2 Solstice maps.

The Halibut has all Alpha maps and 1 Solstice map.

Im holding the rest of the duplicates for future ships or trades. If you know anyone that has Solstice maps to trade give me a yell.
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