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Posted by Shorty_Jack at Feb 20, 2007 12:57:05 PM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
Oh, was also thinking. You get a Mug o'blood trophy for first Kraken's blood on a ship, right? Why not a Kraken's blood trinket? Like a vial of it, or some small amount? And have it inscribed with only the date?
So you mean like Brigand King trinkets? Some people will have a ton of vials unless you mean just receiving the trinket for your first blood.

Also was thinking, if anyone mem's an entire arch, do they get anything for it? If not, a silver map might be a good trinket (untradable, of course) And for say, 3 arch's, a gold?
This sounds more like a trophy if anything. You do however, get new options for a portrait when you memme the ocean.

Also might be nice to have (If they don't exist already):

Four-Leaf Clover
Mug of Green Rum (For Drinking Tourney on St. Patrick's Day only) I like this idea, if it was only held on St. Patrick's Day
Leprechaun Doll I just don't like this idea, while it is a cute concept a Leprechaun Doll next to OM dolls, seems unlikely in my head. I'd rather see OM dolls get made for those that don't have them yet like Aphrodite.
Sharktooth Necklace (Randomly awarded if the ship you are on sinks, chances of getting even with injuries) They already have something for sinking without injuries, it's called fish. I like the idea of a Sharktooth Necklace, maybe if it's your boat that gets sunk you get the necklace
Gold Coin (For TD Tourney, inscribable)
Silver Band (Cheaper alternative to the Gold Band, same rules) I believe you can choose the color of the band in the palace shoppe when purchasing

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