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Posted by Blackfire45 at Jan 25, 2007 8:03:06 PM
Re: Valentine's Event! Win nauseating stuff!
Yeah, you're right, Phoenixflame. There was another girl. If memory serves me right, her name is Daphne. (I read about it when I was only six years old, when I was trying desperately to find an English book in our house.)

I can be wrong, though. I saw the book eleven years ago, and eleven years seem like ages now... T_T

(My best guess is Daphne because I've always hated that name. Not because I know someone named Daphne; it's just that from the time I found the first English book in our house, I have fallen in love with Apollo and the Greek mythology. So...yeah. ^_^ Since I cannot remember why I hate the name Daphne, I am assuming that the story was the reason behind it.)

Yes, I get jealous pretty quickly. >=) Good thing Apollo wouldn't be receiving any tributes (*grinning like a little devil here*) or I'll die of jealousy: I'LL CERTAINLY DIE! Sorry about that, Apollo, but I can't help feeling happy as you grieve over your misfortune. Teehee, teehee, teehee! >=)

This is me------>Bloodyarm

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