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Posted by PogoBeta at Jan 25, 2007 5:51:58 PM
Re: Valentine's Event! Win nauseating stuff!
Familiars be damned, I said I'm not gonna jump at every familiar art contest, and I'm sticking to it.

So don't do art. ;)

Actually, just before I posted above, I deleted a line that said "(This is a visual art contest for purposes of my entering, because that's the only kind of entry I'd be willing to put forth)" If I wasn't already investing too much of my time in Taco's event, I'd probably enter this one (though I'd have to debate which OM or Dev to choose, since I tend to shove all my effort into a single entry, when possible)... actually that brings me to a question:

Synful sniped me while I was Previewing Post: Are entries restricted in number? Can one entrant make valentine's tribute for multiple Devs/OMs? Can one entrant make multiple entries for the same Dev/OM?
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