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Posted by Apollo at Jan 25, 2007 5:17:39 PM
Valentine's Event! Win nauseating stuff! [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]
Valentine's Day Contest


I had a message from the Office. It said:
Dear Apollo,

We are very disappointed at your persistent refusal to provide a recorded serenade of "You Are My Sunshine" for the CEO. After consulting your contract, we have reluctantly acknowledged that we cannot force you to comply with this out-of-game request. However, you took on a shared responsibility for Player Events, and we can therefore force you to do something mortifying in that regard, even if you are obstinate in other ways. You will host... A VALENTINE'S EVENT. You will ask players to provide romantic tokens for the OceanMasters and the Developers. You will be happy to do this. You will be frisky.

Fair winds,

The Office.

I replied:
Gah! Pesky contract! Can I make the ordeal completely hideous for all the above-mentioned OceanMasters and Developers?



Do I count as an OceanMaster or a Developer?


Go right ahead, then.


Darlings! Sweeties! Gorgeous wonderful bunnies! Shuranthae! (Rrrrrrr!)

Valentine's Day is coming up!
I know that you dream constantly of presenting one of the OceanMasters or Developers with a little something special! You want to buy them a gift, create a unique tribute, take them on a romantic date, a dream cruise, a special day! You lurrrrrve them. You know you do. Show us how you'd romance your crush and you could win fabulous prizes - even a date portrait with him or her.

We're leaving the criteria open so you can be creative! But please - no profanity, and no offensive or lewd content. If you're wondering whether your entry is appropriate or not, it's probably not. Our OceanMasters and Developers are innocent as seraphim, sweet as roses, green as the mistletoe, spotless as the unhuskied snow. It's wove, twue wove that they're after in this contest.

"But Apollo, what tributes should we post?"
Dear children, whatever you please! Whatever takes your fancy! Write a story! Write a poem! Draw a picture or an avatar! Sing a song! Create a YouTube Video! Make a photo/screenshot collage! Knit a hat! Make a doll! Send in a photograph of yourself in a public place with a sign saying "I <3 Eurydice"! Create an original romantic dinner menu! Tell us a scheduled itinerary of an imagined romantic day! Take moodily-lit photographs of interesting kitchen utensils!

How do I submit?
Ye must post your entry to the appropriate entry thread! There are three entry threads: one for OceanMasters whose name begins with A-E, one for OceanMasters whose name begins with F-Z, one for Developers. If you make something physical and also want to send it in, then PM Thalette to arrange this.

Entry thread for OceanMasters A-E
Entry thread for OceanMasters F-Z
Entry thread for Developers

If your target is on this list, then s/he is an Oceanmaster:
If your target is on this list, then s/he counts as a Developer for this contest:
(Not everyone on that list is a Developer, but it's the most convenient list)

Who are the judges?
The OceanMasters and Developers themselves! You forum tarts may pitch in yer two pennies on this here thread. We'll read all your comments and take them into consideration! The final shortlist will be a group decision by the OMs and Devs. Ye will get extra points if yer target is impressed by yer proposal! But beware lest ye offend them!! We'll give merit based upon creativity, humor and hard work!

What are the prizes?
The grand prize winner will get a red familiar (red octopus, red monkey, or maroon/red parrot)!
The runners up will receive mystery gifts from their object of affection!
We reserve the right to award spot prizes for any number of inadequate and random reasons!

When is the deadline?
Partway through Valentine's Day itself - 12 noon PST on February 14th 2007.

Can I use entries from other events?
You are welcome to use previous and current events as inspiration, but anything entered into an existing event is ineligible for this event - you need to do something new.

Can I submit multiple entries?
You may submit entries for a maximum of TWO OceanMasters and ONE developer. More than that, and they will implode with jealousy.

What information do I need to post?
To be valid, our entry post must:
* Be posted in the correct thread
* Include your pirate name and ocean
* Include the OM or Dev target of your entry

I forgot my pirate name and ocean and I can't edit my post!
Go to "My Profile" at the top of the screen, and update your signature so that it clearly displays your pirate name and ocean. That will then show on all your posts, and I'm happy to accept that as meeting the requirement.

But Apollo, surely it's completely unfair that you are hosting this event, and you could just completely skew the judging and cheat and declare everyone who made something lovely for you to be the winners zomg OM bias
Eek! You're quite right. How awful! How tragic! I'm so glad you mentioned this before it was too late. I must regretfully add a rule that, as the host of this excellent contest, alas! alack!, I must request that you do not include me as a target for these so-gorgeous tributes.
Dear Apollo,

That was really sneaky. I'm not sure you're allowed to do that.

The Office.

Dear Office,

Watch me.


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