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Posted by Fava at Jan 18, 2007 5:05:27 PM
Re: Pirate Paparazzi - Win a Red Monkey! [Deadline Feb 18th]
[quote=Idol"][quote]Entries should be between 250 and 750 pixels per side.[/quote]

Is this 250 w x 750 h? Or minimum 250x250 and maximum 750x750?
Am asking because that is a weird proportion for covers as a 250 width cover would be proportionately 300 pixels in height.[/quote]

You can choose whatever proportion you find appropriate, as long as no side is less than 250 pixels, and no side is longer than 750 pixels. So the maximum is 750x750 and the minimum is 250x250. Entries do not have to be square. I set such a wide range for size limits just so people wouldn't be disqualified for slight variations. Use whatever looks best to you within this reasonable size range.

[quote]this is an art contest though not a screenie one right?[/quote]

This is in part an art contest, so pure screenshots will not score well. Cut-and-paste that employs portions of screenshots, however, could score highly if done well and paired with a suitable headline.

[quote]yeah, is this on any ocean, or just hunter?[/quote]

The contest is NOT just for Hunter. It is certainly for all English-speaking oceans. I am currently double-checking with the OMs about Opal.
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