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Posted by Fava at Jan 18, 2007 11:57:03 AM
Re: Pirate Paparazzi - Win a Red Monkey! [Deadline Feb 18th]
Sharkiez wrote: 
Are you telling us to make a cover for a newspaper? with topic about what is in the newspaper?

Yes, that is what is required for this contest. But it shouldn't be a traditional newspaper with real news. It should be a tabloid gossip paper, with dirt on the Ringers.

Boring wrote: 
Are we limited to one entry Polly?

I will not limit you to one entry (since with alts this really isn't possible), but I can assure you it is in your best interest to submit one entry of a very high quality as opposed to several entries of lower quality.

Discojack wrote: 
the link exmaples shown are internet kindof newspaper frontages
is that what you are looking for or a more conventional printed morning paper ?

I am looking for you to create an image more like the printed covers of the tabloids.

The links were provided primarily for examples of tabloid publications, particularly the kinds of gossip they publish. If you search those sites, you can also find images of their printed front pages. Think of what you see in the grocery store checkout line and design your entry accordingly.

Zandia wrote: 
This is going to be so much fun...I got the whole thing all planned out (in my head)... muahahahaha!!!

But with one month to go, I think I will wait until it's close to the deadline to unveil my counterfeit creation. XD

I will not make any entries available for public viewing until after judging concludes, so if you would like to submit your entry early, you do not need to worry about anyone else copying your ideas or otherwise making a derivative entry.
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