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Posted by Fava at Jan 17, 2007 6:43:57 PM
Pirate Paparazzi - Win a Red Monkey! [Winners announced]

Click here for announcement of winners

I heard it through the beanstalk that the gods up on Mount Olympus have been snickering behind my back about an unfortunate affair involving myself and a particularly seedy character. To turn the tables, I need you, bold pirates of the YPP oceans, to dig up some dirt on the Ringers.

I am offering rewards for the piratey paparazzi that catch the OMs or developers when they are the least attractive and most vulnerable. Snap a picture of the god and give me a snappy headline. The creator of the best tabloid cover will go home with a red monkey, for making blushing fools out of the Ringers.

The VERY Important Rules (if you are found to be breaking these rules, you WILL be disqualified):
  • DO NOT STALK, FOLLOW, PM, OR OTHERWISE ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ANY OCEAN MASTER OR DEVELOPER REGARDING THIS EVENT. The Ringers will not reply to your questions. You are encouraged to make up your headline; it doesn't have to be true.
  • All material in your entry - pictures, headlines, and sub-headlines - must be forum-appropriate. This applies to both language and images. If a word would be filtered, use the filtered version in your entry.

What to include in your entry:
  • Entrants will create the cover to a tabloid (see the example links to real tabloids below). You'll have to come up with an original name for the publication and invent a headline for your feature article.
  • The cover should include a picture of an OM or developer in a compromizing (but still publishable!) situation. This picture can be cut-and-paste, hand-drawn or computer-drawn art, or a photograph. It must be original work and it should look appropriate for a tabloid cover picture.
  • The cover you create should also include the title of the publication, the headline for the story, and perhaps a sub-headline or a poignant quote from the featured article.
  • Entries should be between 250 and 750 pixels per side.

How to submit an entry:
  • Entries must be jpegs, gifs, or pngs no larger than 1.5MB each.
  • Submit your entries by email to
  • Include your pirate name and ocean in the subject line of the email. (For instance, my subject would be "Fava - Hunter.")
  • In the body of the email, please repeat your pirate name and ocean and provide the order in which you prefer the prizes listed below.
  • The deadline for submission is Feb 18 at 11:59PM pirate time. All emails timestamped after that time will be ignored.
  • Do not post entries here. If submitted properly, entries will be anonymous to allow for completely fair judging. Posting here compromizes the anonymity and will lead to disqualification. When the judging is complete, I will make all of the entries available for public viewing.


The top ten winners will choose in order of placing from the list below:

  • Red monkey familiar
  • Sleeping turtle furniture
  • Stone figurine (rare furniture)
  • Sloop, renamed Tabloid Starfish
  • Fancy ribbon trinket (red/yellow)
  • Bouquet of orchids trinket (red)
  • Orchid trinket (red)
  • Conch shell trinket (red)
  • Ribbon trinket (red/yellow)
  • Handkerchief trinket (red/yellow)

Honorable mentions will each receive a red starfish trinket.

This thread should be used for any questions you may have regarding this event. Should you, for whatever reason, prefer to ask your questions in-game, you can hunt me down on Hunter as my alter-ego Polly.

Example real-world tabloids:

The National Enquirer
The Weekly World News
The Sun
Hiding from Hades on Hunter

FO of Flocktarts on Hunter
Exiled Captain of Pod People and Queen of Stalkers on Cobalt
Former Governor of Lima

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