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Posted by twopee at Jan 11, 2007 4:52:49 PM
Re: Playing on school computers
This is one forum topic that angers me, both as a taxpayer and also as a school faculty staff. I have been faculty since the inception of PCs and Apples in the late 70's.
At first, the games were left on the computers in the hopes of enticing reticent students and staff into logging on and becoming familiar with the BEAST. They served a purpose and improved keyboard skills. As the district added the internet, and people were holding up business because they "had to finish this game" or "had to finish this shopping order at Toys-R-Nobody" the games were removed and blocks were applied.
The computer instructors were the first to sit back and watch. They watched the creative and brilliant students find the blocks and counteract them. And then a week or so afterwards, we would let the blockers know they had another loophole to close.

But the internet is for BUSINESS, NOT GAMES. It is costly, and so are the blockers we need to hire to keep the games and shoppers off the net so the rest of the distrcit can do work. If you are a student with time on yer hands, you are NOT doing what you are supposed to be doing. I don't care if it is your "free period" which only translates to "A STUDY" and means that ye use the time to further yer education.
If you chose to spend the time learning how blocks work, or trying to break them, I will consider that an education in itself. But asking a million people on a forum to help you, is NOT in keeping with the spirit of a free education that we all help pay for. Try learning how to research it yourself on the web, or take an on-line course that will teach ye more about blocking.

If the public realized how much money is spent on these blockers, and how much money is wasted for internet services by people playing games or doing non-educational things, there would probably be no more computers in the schools.

Please, use your free time for educational pursuits or study. Leave the computers for their intended purpose ... EDUCATION !

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