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Posted by odeliya06 at Dec 24, 2006 1:06:48 PM
CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Hand-Drawen Drawings And Avaters!
How would you like a cheap price hand-drawen drawing? Yes! here you can get them! I'll make it for this costs
Hand-drawen drawing: 1,000 PoE
Object cost: 100 PoE extra
Avater: 500 PoE

Avater are only made as an extention to the drawing! If you want an avater you must get a drawing!

The orders will only be made for Sage Ocean members!

Hand-drawen drawing style:

Please include in post a portrait for me to draw.
You may request objects to be drawen with your charcater

Avater style #1:

Avater style #2:

Avater style #3:

Also invisable text is available:

Color and font are available to choose. I have alot of text fonts but I'm sure I don't have them all.

Please include name of pirate to write on avater, color, number of the avater style and, if you don't want me to choose, font.

Orders list:

Thank you
Odelia (Odeliya)
Mah god! I've been gone so long they managed to fix the edit button, eh?

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