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Posted by Nordenx at Dec 2, 2006 1:40:46 PM
Re: [Entry Thread] December Daily Doodles : Weekend of December 2nd : Fire up your ToastARR

If you create a thread about bread, I'll post how I did the Cleaver Toast using a printout of his photo, exacto knives, aluminum foil, and a barbecue lighter torch.

You sure about that? Seems entirely digital to me, especially since your bread is the exact photo here minus the skull and crossbones, oh and flipped horizontally.


Join the club of people who don't get my weird sense of humor. :P

If you do not have a toaster, or if your toaster is off-limits, you may make digital toast with a program of your choice (artRage, Paint, etc.), somehow create a picture on it, and post that as your entry. It's up to you how you create this. I will tell you that digital toast will need to be sufficiently compelling in order to stand toe to toe with the real stuff.

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