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Posted by TheFawolling at Dec 2, 2006 1:25:33 PM
Re: [Entry Thread] December Daily Doodles : Weekend of December 2nd : Fire up your ToastARR
Zaza on the Cobalt Ocean

When I woke up this afternoon, the last thing I expected was the find a message in my toast. But there it was! All white and outlined in brown.. I knew it could only mean one thing: Glaucus was thinking about breakfast.

Here is the Prophetic Toast
Zaza on Cobalt

Cleaver says, "I'll be toast, just you watch."
Cleaver says, "Let me make a decent sword."
Cleaver is eliminated!
Game over. Winner: Zaza.
Cleaver says, "Wah wah"
Cleaver winks.

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