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Posted by Gloraelin at Dec 2, 2006 12:30:53 PM
Re: [Entry Thread] December Daily Doodles : Weekend of December 2nd : Fire up your ToastARR
Glaucus, can you confirm something for me? I was at the store last night, and in the bakery section [wooo, bread!], I found like the coolest bread ever. However, I didn't know if just taking a loaf of french and cutting it lengthwise would still qualify as a "slice of toast".

Errr... example. (------------) <-- a very bad loaf of bread, but still. If I cut on the line and used all that for my scene, yes, no, disqualified?
Jen wrote: 
yes glor.. your boobs are vuluptously awesome.
Ye have received a trade request from Thunderbird.
Those two offers are identical, what's the point?

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