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Posted by Glaucus at Dec 2, 2006 11:34:40 AM
Re: [Entry Thread] December Daily Doodles : Weekend of December 2nd : Fire up your ToastARR
Can i make something like the pyramid of toast(large pile of toast making a pyramid)? Can I make puzzle toast??? etc..??

I swear I put it in the original post, but in case it's not clear, One slice of bread only, please. If you want to take it apart to make a pyramid or something else, I suppose you could. If you've already made something with multiple pieces of bread, post it somewhere else so I can admire it!
Glaucus, should we specify if our entry is digitally made or home-made? I can definitely see a reason for knowing if the toast was made through a paint type program versus the real thing.

Sure, why not?
Now, may I use any piece of carby goodness that inspires me? Perhaps I would like to lay my image out on a hunk of Ciabatta. Or maybe I find a perfect medium in the flakey goodness of (half) a Croissant. Would that be okay? I'm sure someone out there toasts their Croissant before eating it...

Aye, I'm aware bread is broad term. I would strongly prefer the more conventional stuff, so I believe ciabatta would qualify, but croissants are pretty iffy.

Less questions, more toast! Speaking of which, I'm hungry.
Crotchetiness by Dexla.

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